Long Week


   This week has been a hard one on Megan. 

     We are trying to wean her, and Monday and Tuesday she did a great job.  She had a great birthday and loved getting even more attention than she usually gets.  Then Wednesday rolled around, and we knew right away it would be a long day.  Megan refused to eat anything and I ended up nursing her almost every meal.  She wouldn’t go to bed, and then she woke up about 5 times in the night.  Thursday morning she woke up with a fever and as WHINEY as could be.  She was very clingy and it was obvious she was cutting a tooth.   She took a very short nap and continued to be whiney.  Again, she had ZERO interest in food and I ended up nursing her for EVERY meal as well as for comfort – something I am NOT a fan of!!  She slept horribly and ended up in bed with us the entire night where she decided to nurse – on and off – all night long.  Friday was about the same.  She nursed only to eat, but she still had a fever and was pretty fussy.  Once again she spent the whole night in bed with us – but she didn’t nurse.  Instead, she would wake up, throw herself on top of one of us until she got comfortable, and then do it all again after about an hour.  Saturday has now come, and I knew right away that things would be much better.  She is eating and is happy and acting just as cute as always.  Once today when she wanted me to nurse her, she dragged her nursing pillow over to me across the floor.  As cute as it was, I was still able to withstand. 

     Monday – feeling good, excited about her birthday:

     Tuesday – she had a great birthday:

     Wednesday – not quite herself:

     Thursday – the roughest day. We all stayed in our pjs all day:

     Friday – no interest in the park:

     She usually loves the park 😦

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  1. Weaning can be hard, especially when they’re sick or teething.
    I was lucky and I think I had more emotional distress than either of my girls. I did it very gradually and took one feeding away, but they were also just over a year old. (Like I said before, I had more emotional distress than they did and didn’t want to wean them even though I was nursing them only twice a day.)

    Life will get better. Now you can wear one piece dresses!!
    I still only buy skirts out of habit and for when I have to nurse again.

    Also- I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a mellow child at a park. I totally hate when they’re sick and not themselves.

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