So excited!


     For the past little while we have been thinking of getting Megan a small table for her room.  

      We’ve looked around a little, but we couldn’t find anything in the right price range that also matched her room.  This morning we found the perfect table – at a smoking hot deal!  Megan absolutely loves her new table – and we love making her happy.  Well, actually it was mostly daddy who made her happy because he gave the okay to buy it, and that made me happy too…Adam is good at that!  Anyway, enjoy some pictures of Megan’s new table. 

     Also, don’t forget our web albums.  There are even more pictures posted there.





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  1. I LOVE the table. It is such a perfect kids table. I am so jealous I can harldy stand it! 🙂 The chairs look so stable, which will come in handy when she starts climbing on everything! Hey, if they are going to climb, they might as well be safe while doing so!

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