Best Kept Secret


     Sundays seem like a really good day to give a life update for those who actually read our blog.  Frequently, after something fun has happened around here, I want to hop right on and tell the world, but I doubt anyone is just holding their breath waiting to hear what’s going on with the Johansons.  So here is our week in review.



     I already mentioned the 4th of July in the previous blog.  It was a fun and busy day



     They have a great library here in Ames.  One thing that I knew I would miss from Provo was the “Book Babies” group that I would take Megan to.  They have a group just like it here for Megan.  In fact, they have even more incentives to get your children reading.  Megan absolutely loves going to the library.  She gets so excited when we get out her little backpack because she knows it’s library time.  She even wears the backpack all around the library.  I let her pick some books and we put them in her backpack (usually I end up taking a few out and put them in my bag or else she would topple over).  I really want her to enjoy reading.  I love to read; Adam hates it.  He reads to her every night though so I think he sees the value in reading appreciation.

     Megan all ready to go to the library:


      Adam reading a story to Megan:



     Park Trail of Glory 

     I have mentioned before that there are TONS of parks here in Ames.  Adam and I take Megan to the park AT LEAST once a week – usually more.  So yesterday we went to a park that we had not been to before.  It had the traditional play station as well as some swings.  At the very back of the park there was a trail (all the parks have trails that you can take through the woods and they open up either to a main road or another trail).  We decided to follow the trail to see where it would lead.   We were surprised to find that it went through the backyards of people’s houses.  We were so jealous.  There was even a stream and a bridge…we decided if we ever buy a house in Ames, that is where we will live.  It was beautiful and just a stone throw away from the park.

     Megan pauses to enjoy a view from the bridge:



     Got Milk? 

     We have used sign language with Megan since she was about 6 months old.  She is familiar with a lot of signs – she used to do them a lot, but she hasn’t really done any signs in a while (we still do them and she still responds – more through action now than actual signing).  Anyway, this week she has been doing the sign for “milk” A LOT.  She’ll be playing with daddy and just start making the sign.  She’ll do it over and over again and then start whining.  We are sure it has to do with the weaning.  We are a little torn because we want to encourage her to communicate and you’re supposed to respond right away when they do a sign.  She’s a little tricker this one.

     Megan has become quite attached to her boppy.  She drags it to me if she wants to nurse:



     Jabber Jaw

     Her new word this week is “go”.  She doesn’t actually say it, she yells it!  She’ll just be sitting there and then she’ll yell out “go!”  The cutest is still “uh-oh”.  She loves to knock things over and drop things just so she can say “uh-oh”.  Then she gets this huge grin on her face and does it all over again.  She’s also a little monkey.  She recently learned that she can get on and off the couch by herself, so she does it all the time.  The other day she even tried to climb up the wall.

     Attempting to scale the wall:



     Best Kept Secret  

     When we lived in Utah it was pretty hard to get Megan to fall asleep on her own.  We shared a room, and we lived in a duplex so the neighbors would hear her if she cried.  So instead of battling it out for a few days, I spoiled her and either rocked her or nursed her to sleep.  I still don’t mind rocking her, but lately we’ve been trying to get her to sleep on her own (without crying it out – let’s face it – I’m too soft).  It has been going pretty well.  Well, after her nighttime bath, Adam always brushes her hair, puts lotion on her, puts Destin on her, diapers her and dresses her.  Last night he was dressing her in front of the TV while we watched the game show channel (one of Megan’s favorites).  Not two minutes after he put her onesie on, he looked down to see that she was totally asleep.  Who knew that Family Feud was mother’s best kept secret?     

     Purely exhausted.  She fell asleep just minutes after being dressed:




     There is, actually, more to our life than just Megan (a shocker – I know).  Adam is tutoring at ISU for Physics students.  At first he was a little rusty, but he is getting the hang of it.  ISU is a really pretty campus – it is a lot greener than BYU and the buildings are really fun.  Some are really old though and they are working on renovations.  Aside from tutoring, Adam and I like to watch movies.  We do Netflix and the library has tons of DVDs.  This week we watched “The Island”.  I liked it, and Adam really liked it.  We also watched “Beyond the Sea”.  It was okay – the story line was a little weird though. 


     This is probably the longest Blog the world has ever seen.  That’s what our week was like though.  I hope someone took the time to read about us! 

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  1. Humid is an understatement. It’s just after noon here and we’re at 84% humidity! Ahh! Thanks for taking the time to keep in touch – I check in with your blog almost every day! 🙂

  2. I read every word too. I am back from Virginia now. Carrie and Dad will fly to Las Vegas on Thursday and we will all drive to Utah on Friday. Thank you for taking the time to write and post the pictures.

  3. Who do you think?

    “Ready…set…GO!” (Run across the room)…”Ready…set…GO!” (Run across the room). Bradley Allen, of course.

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