Harry Potter and The Isty, Bitsy, Spider


     Congratulations Matt and Mary and welcome to the world Isabelle Ruth!!  We are so excited about the addition to our family.   

     I just love that Megan has so many cousins.  Within a year of Megan’s birth, each one of our siblings who is married has a had a baby.  I am counting Marshall and Isabelle even though they are a few weeks outside of the one year mark – but Marshall is really only 12 months and one week younger than Megan, and Isabelle is only 12 months and 4 weeks younger.  Then she has Allison and Michelle who are 10 months older, Tanner who is 7 months older, Owen who is 2 months older, Kimber who is not quite a month younger, Noah who is 7 months younger, and Jamison who is about 11 months younger.  That’s 9 cousins within a year.  Megan has 21 cousins already. I have only 14 cousins total and Adam has 17.  So again, I LOVE that Megan has so many cousins.                

     Megan continues to learn new things every day.  Lately she loves to play the piano.  As soon as one of us sits down to play she rushes over and fusses until we pull her up on our lap.  I think it’s great that she loves the piano so much, so I can hardly complain about her inhibiting my practice time.  She also loves to go outside.  We live right on some farmland, so yesterday we took her out for some pictures in the fields.  Check out our web album for some fun pictures of her near a bale of hay.  She’s so small – the bale of hay dwarfs her.     



       She continues to be very well behaved at church.  She understands that we will not let her get down and crawl around during sacrament, so she doesn’t even try.  She also understands that she is only allowed to play on the floor near mom and dad during Sunday school and R.S/Priesthood so she is very good about that.                       

       About 2 months ago Megan took several solid steps.  We thought she was just weeks or days away from walking.  Well, she is just now starting to walk again.  She just takes a few steps at a time and then sits down and claps for herself.  We aren’t pushing her or anything, but I think once she realizes she can do it – she will just take off.  A few weeks ago she started doing the hand motions for “Isty, Bitsy, Spider” .  I never sang her that song – so I give all the credit to Adam.  Of course, I sing it to her now because I love to watch her do the motions.  So cute!                            

      Megan has always been fascinated with ceiling fans.  Ever since day one.  We ask her – “where’s the fan”, and she looks up and points.  Well, this week, not only does she point at it, but she follows the fan’s circular motion with her little hand.  It is more like she is waving it back and forth, but she definitely gets the point!                               

     Adam’s work is going well.  He gets tired easy, but he only has a few more weeks of the late night shift.  Tutoring is usually a hit or miss – either he knows how to help the kids really well, or he doesn’t know at all.  Some of the stuff he hasn’t done for almost five years so you can hardly blame him.  Mostly he does really well though.                               

      My big thing this week was, of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I was so excited when I went to pick it up. I even got a little teary eyed on the drive home from Borders.  I thought the book started pretty slow, but I loved it in the end.  Thanks mom for making me read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was 15.  I love it!   Adam has also gotten me into Halo 2 on XBOX.  I sometimes even play by myself when he is not home.  The people I play against are WAY better than me, but I am getting better.  Watch out “SupaflyTy”.                

     I am not sure what else to report, but surely this is long enough.  I posted pictures from this week on our Web Album in the folder entitled “Our Week”.  I will just clear out the same folder each week and put in the new pictures.  Again congrats to M&M and we can’t wait to see your little “Peanut”!

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