Carousels and Cry Babies


   The most exciting thing that happened to us this week was that we were able to meet Governor Mitt Romney.  He held a question and answer session in a little town about 20 miles away from us.  We really liked what he had to say, and we were impressed with his character.  We also got free ice cream (yum) which is always a good thing, and they had a carousel ride for the little ones.  Megan DID NOT like the carousel at all.  She screamed her little heart out.  And for good reason…the music was very LOUD and we were spinning around at like 75 mph.  She had her arms wrapped around me in a kung-fu grip until the very end.      


     Meg’s new thing this week is “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”  She’ll touch her own head, and my “eyes, ears, mouth and nose.”  While she was in the bath the other day, I said “Megan, where’s your head?” She reached up and touched her head and I clapped for her and she started laughing so hard.  We did it again and again about 20 times and she thought it was so funny every time.  Sometimes I would say “where’s mommy’s head?” and she would touch her own head and I would say “noooooo….” and she would laugh even harder.   She sure thinks she’s funny.  She also did a somersault this week – ALL ON HER OWN!  She often puts her head down on the ground and sticks her backside in the air, but this time she full on put her head down and flipped herself over.  We were in shock.  She hasn’t done it again since, but it was still pretty impressive!      

      It seems as though our little 13 month old has grown up a lot this past week.  She threw her first tantrum on Friday (more like all day on Friday).  She cried and threw herself on the ground every time she didn’t get what she wanted.  We wanted to show her right away that you don’t get what you want by crying and screaming – daddy did the best job being tough.  It seemed to work because Saturday and Sunday she has been excellent.  She also has started hugging and kissing her dolls and stuffed animals.  And she is walking more than ever.  It seems like she has finally realized that she can do it.  She’s not 100% there yet…but close.      

     Things continue to go well with both of Adam’s jobs.  Working the graveyard shift sure is hard on both of us though.  Adam gets pretty tired during the day since he can’t make up the missed sleep in one stretch due to tutoring.  The hard thing for me is having him home but not being able to be with him because he is sleeping.  Fortunately, we only have about 2 more weeks of this.   We also have less than three weeks until our big trip to Arkansas.  We are really looking forward to that.             

      Well, there is our week.  Thanks for stopping by!

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