My First week of school


     (Adam is writing the blog for this week).    

     Megan had a great week, as usual.  She is quite the walker now, and even tries to run (especially when daddy chases her).  She sure has a fun personality.  She loves to do funny things to earn laughs from us.  From standing on one foot to standing on her head; she loves to amuse us.  She also loves to walk around the house kicking her rubber ball while saying “kick!”.  She loves to be outside and ventures out to our balcony, often.     

     It has been a almost a month now since the night we bit the bullet and had Megan cry herself to sleep.  I can’t believe what a difference it has made.  It still feels strange to tuck her in at 7:30pm and not hear her again until 7:30am.  She also loves to sleep with her appendages sticking out of the crib.  We always have to put her legs back in.


      This was my first week of school.  I spent a lot of time trying to fix my schedule, learn what I needed to do for classes, and figure out where I can use computers to check my email.    

     Iowa State University is quite different from BYU.  ISU is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year, so some of the buildings are quite old.  The physics building looks like everything is from before the ’50s.  A couple of things are newer, but the building itself is really old.    

     I like being a grad student because I automatically have made lots of friends with the other grad students.  Most of them are so nice.  The faculty and staff are very nice and helpful as well.  A lot of the students are fascinated by the fact that I went to BYU, am LDS, married, and have a 14 month-old.  I sure get a lot of questions.  Every time I meet with someone new, they already know all those things about me, because they apparently talk about it when I am not at the bar with them after school.  I am not very used to being invited to coffee houses and bars.       

     I have two classes that will be very difficult, one that will be pretty time consuming, and three that are required presentation classes where you listen to people talk about their research.  I also teach 4 classes.  Two are astronomy lab classes, where they observe things in the sky or run some simulations on computers.  The other are solar system classes which I teach recitation sections for in the planetarium.  I am looking forward to teaching these.    

       Elizabeth and I are sure missing each other while I am at school.  I don’t have to leave until later in the morning most days, so I am available to help with Megan in the mornings (although sometimes I still sleep in while Elizabeth gets up with her!)  Our ward is having a summer reading program with a point system depending on how many pages of books you read during the summer. The high readers get treats and awards, and Elizabeth initially thought about joining, but she decided she didn’t want to destroy everyone, especially since there were kids competing, too.  She has read about 4,000 pages this summer.  Right now she is finishing up the 4th Harry Potter book, and next she is planning on reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyers.  She loves to read.  She is also spending a lot of time working on Megan’s scrapbook.  It is looking really good.            

     Well, that’s about it from here.  We didn’t take too many pictures this week, but we put a few on picasa anyway.   


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  1. OH you guys waited too long to let her cry it out!!! LOl we were a little impatient and did when Emma was like 4 months old. It was so nice after that…I’m anticipating the day when we can do that with Kate now…But she’s freakin’ adorable!!

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