Sick Little Megan


       It seems like I should have a lot to write about, but as I sit here, I can’t think of much.  I guess I should start with telling you all that Megan and I both caught a cold this past week.  I got it first and hope, hope, hoped that Megan wouldn’t get it, but Friday night she woke up screaming and all congested.  I was so sad for her, so I brought her in bed with us and just cuddled her.  I sure have missed that since she started sleeping on her own.  It was heaven for me, but I would much rather have her not be sick.  I think this is only the second time Megan has been sick.  For several years I had a cold ONCE A MONTH.  Since I got pregnant with Megan I really haven’t had colds as often. This is the first one in a long time.   


     Megan sleeping with vapor rub on her little chest.       


     So Megan and I missed out on church today.  Her cold hit her the worst after she woke up from her nap, so we thought it best to keep her home.  I spent the afternoon pampering her: nice warm bubble bath, painted her toenails, did her hair, let her watch Einstein.  I had never painted her nails before, and I don’t think I will be doing it again for a long time.  She didn’t really enjoy it. 

       Okay, so other things this week.  Things are going pretty good for Adam at school.  A lot of people are very interested in the fact that he is LDS.  Some people give him a hardtime, but others seem genuinely interested and are very kind.  We are praying for missionary experiences.  On Monday morning at 4:30 am we were both able to see the total lunar eclipse.  It was pretty cool, and Adam even stayed up for about 45 minutes looking at the night sky with our digital binoculars.  He saw a few things he hadn’t seen before. 

        It seems like Megan has aged 2 years this week.  I can’t believe how much she is changing.  So, I was working on her scrapbook when she walked over to me,  took the scissors out of my hands, threw them on the floor, climbed onto my lap, gave me a big hug and patted my back, and closed the scrapbook and said “all-done”.  Apparently, she was feeling neglected.  Needless to say, I didn’t scrapbook anymore that day.  She comprehends so much.  She really is so fun. 

     We (esp. Adam) were so excited that BYU won against Arizona yesterday.  We had a few people over for the game and enjoyed the feeling of being part of BYU even though we’re both graduated and at a new school.  Adam is really looking forward to the football season. 

      We are excited about labor day – mostly because we get to spend the whole day together.  We may go to a BBQ that some people in our ward are throwing, but we’ll have to see how Megan is doing.  I have posted some pictures on picasa which tell even more about our week.  We miss you all and hope you are all well! 

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  1. That is so funny that she sticks her legs out of her crib! I hate it when Tate gets sick…he had Croup a couple weeks ago and we did the vapor rub thing. Poor Megan! I hope she starts feeling better soon.

  2. Your daughter is so sweet. I love the story about her coming up to you while you were scrapbooking and taking the scissors out of your hand and saying all done. So funny how kids are. I am so glad that you have a blog because I love keeping up to date on your little world. Very sweet!

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