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Sappy Sentiments From a Content Mommy


     So Adam is studying for a big test he has tomorrow, and I am not ready to go to bed yet, nor do I want to start one of the million projects I am currently working on.  Instead, I just wanted to write about how cute my little Megan is.  I just can’t get over it.  Not that I want to, but you’d think that at some point I could look at her without proclaiming (either out loud or inwardly) “oh my goodness, she’s so cute.”  I don’t just mean physically cute (because…let’s face it, she is sooo beautiful)…but I mean she has just got the cutest little personality.  She basically has two moods that she gets into.  Either she is being as silly and as fun as she can be, or she is calm and an absolute sweetheart who wants to cuddle and sit quietly.  Not a day goes by without me realizing how blessed I am to have Megan as my daughter.  I love her too much.  I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can hold her in my arms and give her kisses and chase her around the house.  I am going to go to bed now so tomorrow will come all the sooner.



Waiting impatienly…


My sister just called and told me to watch a video of my nephew online.  It is taking FOREVER to load, so while waiting I decided to answer these questions since Lacey “tagged” me.  Here goes: 

1. Five Jobs I’ve Had:
Data Entry clerk at Bigelow Management Incorporated
– Assitant (to the) Manager at Update Video
– K-Mart Cashier
– BYU Custodian
– BYU Sets Crew

2. Five Vehicles I’ve Owned (or driven as my own):
-1976 Ford Pinto
-2001 Chevy Malibu

3. Five Places I’ve Volunteered:
–  Random BYU service projects
–  D.I.

– Soup Kitchen/Homeless shelter
– Provo Mental Hospital
– Provo Assisted Living Center

4. Five Musical Artists I love:
– Shania Twain
– Avril Lavigne
– Taylor Hicks
– Taylor Swift
– Sarah McLachlin

5. Five Things I want to see happen in the next Five Years:
– Adam graduate with Masters/PhD 

– Adam gets a job
-Another baby…or two…or three… 🙂

– Move to a permanent location
– the video I want to watch gets loaded…

Thanksgiving Arkansas Style


  So we had an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Thanksgiving break.  We headed out for Arkansas on Tuesday night and we got there a little after 1:00a.  We had so much fun all day every day with Matt and Mary and all our beautiful Johanson girls.  I wish that I could share all the details of all the things we did, but there is just no way to recapture it all, and it would be pages and pages long.  So, I will just share a list of some of the greatest things we did, and some of the really fun memories:

  •  Making gingerbread houses (Matt and Adam were hilarious)
  •  Making Thanksgiving dinner (Mary did SUCH a good job).  She insists that I helped her, but really she did EVERYTHING
  •  Mary’s apple pie
  •  Mary’s pumpkin bites
  •  Mary’s turkey
  •  Mary’s mashed potatoes + gravy
  •  Mary’s rolls
  •  The Vita-Mix (enough said)
  •  Mary and I proclaiming often: “I’m gonna blog about this”
  •  Allison and Michelle calling Megan “Baby” 
  •  Playing card games and Scrabble
  •  BYU football
  •  BYU basketball
  •  Black Friday shopping with Mary (“…let’s take this to costumer service and see if they’ll give us a discount…”)
  •  Isabelle’s chubby cheeks and smiley face
  •  The girls’ matching BYU outfits
  •  Our plans for “Kustom Kolored Kandy”  
  •  Long talks with Mary    

          One other thing that I especially enjoyed was having Thanksgiving “dinner” while the girls were napping.  We really could enjoy chatting with each other and could talk about the things we were thankful about without interruptions from the little ones.  I don’t imagine that ever happening again, but it really worked out for this Thanksgiving.             

     I am feeling overwhelmed by how much more I could write, so I am going to leave it at that.  We were all sad to say goodbye at the end of the week. We don’t know when we will next see Matt and Mary, but we hope it’s some time “soon”.  We took A LOT of pictures, so I am going to work on the picasa album and post it when it’s done.  Check it out a little later on for some FUN pictures from an AWESOME week. 

Goodbye Curls. You will be missed.


     Yesterday I just didn’t feel like writing.  I find that Sundays are getting more and more exhausting.  Especially yesterday.  It’s strange, but it’s a good exhausting.  We go to bed feeling as though much good was accomplished and that we made good use of our Sabbath.  We go to bed happy.  Exhausted.  But happy.   


     Last week I decided to cut Megan’s hair.  I had been debating doing it for a while.  It was getting really long, and the ends were pretty thin and kind of straggly.  I could tell that it was growing in thick, so I figured I would cut off the thin hair so it could all be thick.  We’ll see how that works out.  Her hair was starting to curl A LOT at the ends, so I was sad to cut off the curls, but her hair looks absolutely darling.  I had mentioned a couple weeks ago to Adam that I wanted to cut it and I could tell that he really didn’t want me to because the curls were so cute.  He relented and let me cut it, and he agrees that she looks adorable.  The curls will be back before we know it.  Below are the before and after shots.



        We are REALLY looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We are excited to be with family and to get a break from everything.  Adam gets this ENTIRE week off of school (at BYU we only got Thursday and Friday off, so it’s a real treat!)  That’s all for now.  I didn’t take too many pictures this week so I am not going to post any on picasa.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a goodnight!

Christmas is in the air


       So it looks like the bad cold that I had last week turned into Bronchitis.  Adam and Megan got over their colds in about 2 days and mine stuck around worse then I have ever had a cold before.  What we think happened was that we all caught colds, but mine was irritated into bronchitis.  Apparently, chemical solvents and fumes can cause someone to get bronchitis and we are thinking that because I had to paint (and spray with a matte finish) all those “FHE boards”, that my cold was irritated into bronchitis.  So I am still sick.  Not as bad I was earlier this week, but I still cough a lot.  Bronchitis usually lasts from 20-30 days, and I am on day 10 so we’ll see how long it lasts.   

       I don’t really have too much to report because Megan and I basically just lazed around the house all week.  We have all been thinking about Christmas a lot this week and I have started to do some shopping.  We are so excited for Christmas especially because we get to go home for the first time in about 8 months (I actually was home 7 months ago for 2 weeks).  I don’t think I have ever been more excited about Christmas.  I am really looking forward to the fun family activities.     

        This weekend was our stake conference (which I missed) but it was all about missionary work.  It motivated us to get out there more and try to share the gospel.  There is such potential here in Ames.

          Megan is talking more and more, and she also is finding other creative ways to communicate to us what she wants.  She will put things in our hands (such as a Sippy cup when she wants a drink, or a book that she wants us to read to her) or she will pull us by the hand when she wants to take us somewhere.  She is has recently taken to pulling on my pant legs when she can’t reach my hands.  She has such a funny personality.  I have a feeling she is going to have a great sense of humor.  

       Well, that’s all for now.  We are hoping this next week will be a fast one because the next week we have off for Thanksgiving.  We can’t believe how fast time is flying.  3 more weeks of school and Adam will have finished his first semester at ISU.  1 semester down, 9 more to go!!!!      

“We’re all sick here, too” – Marshall


   I wonder if I could hold a Guinness World Record for most number of colds ever had by one person.  Seriously, I think I could stand a chance.  So anyway, we’re all sick here in the Johanson house.  Luckily, Adam and Megan mostly just have runny noses; with a slight cough/sneezing.  I am the lucky one with headaches, uncontrollable coughing, and my throat and chest feel like they are on fire.  I really do consider myself lucky though because I am so glad that Megan and Adam aren’t as miserable as I am.  Adam has too much on his plate to have to fight a bad cold, and I CAN’T STAND to have my little Megan sick.  So obviously, I really am lucky…         

     So this week Megan and I started going on walks with a woman (Traci) in our ward that has 2 little girls.  I am really enjoying it because not only does it get us out and get us exercising, but I also really enjoy the social aspect – especially with Traci.  She seems very down to earth and has a fun personality.  She is actually playing Mary, (Adam is Joseph) in The Savior of the World program.  I haven’t heard her yet, but everyone says she has an amazing voice.         

     Wednesday was Halloween, and I already posted about that, but here in Ames they actually have the kids go trick or treating the night before Halloween.  So apparently they used to have a big issue with older kids causing all sorts of problems on Halloween so they made the day before for young children and actual Halloween for the rascals…the person who told me this said they don’t have the problem anymore – but they just kept it that way.  We think it’s lame…and when we do start taking Megan out – it will be on Halloween.        

      Thursday night Adam had to go out to the observatory.  He didn’t get home until 2:00am and then he stayed up until 5:00am working on a big presentation (not related to his work at the observatory) he had to give on Friday.  I don’t really know how it went; all I have to go by is what Adam said, and he said it went good (I bet it went REALLY good).  He was just glad to have it over with!      

     Friday was also our Relief Society’s “Fantastic Friday” which I guess is like other ward’s “Super Saturday” where we do crafts and dinner and such.  I was actually an instructor for one of the classes and I taught the ladies how to make this: 


It turned out REALLY well and I had a couple ladies tell me after that they wanted to make one even though they didn’t sign up so I have a few to get out this week.  It was quite stressful because I didn’t know what I was doing and I had to go out and buy all the supplies and order the lettering, but it was a hit in the end.

      I also made this:      

028a.jpg   029a.jpg

       It’s a bulletin board with a metal sheet on top so you can use magnets on it.                    

     Saturday we were all sick so we had kind of a lazy day.  Adam listened to the football game (another Cougar victory!!!) and Megan and I took nice looong naps.  I had actually neglected clean-up because I wasn’t feeling well and I woke up to find the house spotless: the dishwasher was running, the laundry was folded and all the trashes were taken out.  I still don’t think I have shown Adam the appreciation he deserves!!!                     

      Saturday night we tended a little girl in the ward while her parents went out for their “date night”.  I was thrilled at how well she and Megan played together, especially because lately Megan has been so independent.  They were so cute – I posted a few pictures and put them on Picasa.  Her name is Annelisa and she is exactly two months younger than Megan.


     We also got a visit from a member of the Stake Presidency last night who asked Adam to serve in the Elder’s Quorum presidency.  He and the Stake President are actually in our ward and they both had some very kind things to say about Adam.  We imagine this will be a big time commitment, but Adam is really looking forward to the chance to serve.        

    Well, I guess that’s all for now.  Sorry this was kind of long.  We are counting down the days now until Thanksgiving which will be here before we know it!  Arkansas: here we come!