Thanksgiving Arkansas Style


  So we had an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Thanksgiving break.  We headed out for Arkansas on Tuesday night and we got there a little after 1:00a.  We had so much fun all day every day with Matt and Mary and all our beautiful Johanson girls.  I wish that I could share all the details of all the things we did, but there is just no way to recapture it all, and it would be pages and pages long.  So, I will just share a list of some of the greatest things we did, and some of the really fun memories:

  •  Making gingerbread houses (Matt and Adam were hilarious)
  •  Making Thanksgiving dinner (Mary did SUCH a good job).  She insists that I helped her, but really she did EVERYTHING
  •  Mary’s apple pie
  •  Mary’s pumpkin bites
  •  Mary’s turkey
  •  Mary’s mashed potatoes + gravy
  •  Mary’s rolls
  •  The Vita-Mix (enough said)
  •  Mary and I proclaiming often: “I’m gonna blog about this”
  •  Allison and Michelle calling Megan “Baby” 
  •  Playing card games and Scrabble
  •  BYU football
  •  BYU basketball
  •  Black Friday shopping with Mary (“…let’s take this to costumer service and see if they’ll give us a discount…”)
  •  Isabelle’s chubby cheeks and smiley face
  •  The girls’ matching BYU outfits
  •  Our plans for “Kustom Kolored Kandy”  
  •  Long talks with Mary    

          One other thing that I especially enjoyed was having Thanksgiving “dinner” while the girls were napping.  We really could enjoy chatting with each other and could talk about the things we were thankful about without interruptions from the little ones.  I don’t imagine that ever happening again, but it really worked out for this Thanksgiving.             

     I am feeling overwhelmed by how much more I could write, so I am going to leave it at that.  We were all sad to say goodbye at the end of the week. We don’t know when we will next see Matt and Mary, but we hope it’s some time “soon”.  We took A LOT of pictures, so I am going to work on the picasa album and post it when it’s done.  Check it out a little later on for some FUN pictures from an AWESOME week. 


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  1. Thanksgiving was so great! I look forward to the next holiday you all can get away. I think I am going to go blog about all my feelings …

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