Sappy Sentiments From a Content Mommy


     So Adam is studying for a big test he has tomorrow, and I am not ready to go to bed yet, nor do I want to start one of the million projects I am currently working on.  Instead, I just wanted to write about how cute my little Megan is.  I just can’t get over it.  Not that I want to, but you’d think that at some point I could look at her without proclaiming (either out loud or inwardly) “oh my goodness, she’s so cute.”  I don’t just mean physically cute (because…let’s face it, she is sooo beautiful)…but I mean she has just got the cutest little personality.  She basically has two moods that she gets into.  Either she is being as silly and as fun as she can be, or she is calm and an absolute sweetheart who wants to cuddle and sit quietly.  Not a day goes by without me realizing how blessed I am to have Megan as my daughter.  I love her too much.  I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can hold her in my arms and give her kisses and chase her around the house.  I am going to go to bed now so tomorrow will come all the sooner.




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