Looking to move to Never-Never Land…


  This week is going to be a crazy one.            

     Adam has his final exams and final projects due which is never any fun.  We also have to get ready to go to Vegas – which is also never any fun.  Not the going to Vegas part, but the getting ready part.  I so do not like to pack and am always in a rush to get everything done.  The excitement of going home outweighs the stress though, so I think we will all survive.           

     This past week was SO busy.  Friday night was our ward’s Christmas party – which was actually just the presentation of “The Savior of the World”.  Adam did an EXCELLENT job portraying Joseph.  He sang so well, and was so handsome up on the stage.  He played the part after only 3 hours of sleep the night before, so that’s pretty impressive.  Also, 3 of Adam’s friends from school came to listen to the program – which was really nice.  I was so relieved that I was able to listen to him.  I am on the activities committee, and we were so strapped with assignments.  Megan was a little bit out of control, too.  She has never had such freedom while at church and she loved running every which way.  She had a great time though and would often to look up at the stage and say “daddy.”            

      Which reminds me – I was also asked to make some pies for the program.  I made my first “real” pie crust and it actually turned out pretty good…        

     Adam had a big, huge, fat project due today which he was working on ALL last week.  Last night the professor decided to extend the deadline, but Adam is still determined to get it done by today (or tomorrow).  So he is crazy busy.  He then has exams to study for which will be over on Friday.  Friday night we are leaving Megan with a sitter and going to a Christmas party which we are looking forward to.  Adam also has promised to take me out to dinner before we leave next week.  I am really looking forward to that.     

     We have a lot of snow now, but we’re actually enjoying it.  Megan loves to walk around and feel the snow crunch under her boots.  Adam is noticing a lot of animals tracks in the snow around the building and he’s having fun looking up pictures on the internet and figuring out just what creatures are around us at night.  So far he has determined that we have rabbits and raccoons.   He’s enjoying being our little tracker.     

     Yesterday Megan went to nursery for the first time.  She technically doesn’t turn 18 months until Dec. 26th, but in our ward they encourage you to bring them in 3 weeks early so you can “wean” them into it.  Basically the parents stay with them for the three weeks, slowly spending less time in there.  Megan had a great time.  She loved the toys and the change from Sunday school and priesthood.  She is SO TINY compared to the other kids.  Oh, and she is the ONLY girl.  There were probably 10 boys and Megan.  I don’t think another girl will be in there until March.  Adam stayed with her the whole time yesterday.  I went in to take a peek after I played the piano in relief society and my little heart was so sad to see her in there – looking all grown up.  Last night after she fell asleep I went in and cast a spell on her to stop her from growing anymore.  We’ll see how that goes.          

     Alright well I have a million things to do, so there is our weekly update.  I will post pictures later. 


All ready for her first Sunday in nursery…


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