I lied.


  As I was laying Megan down, I realized there were two more things that I wanted to write about from this week. 

   First, I am loving the cake decorating class.  I have only had the one lesson, but I already learned so much.  We were assigned to bring a frosted cake to the next class using the tips/techniques that we learned yesterday, and I am really looking forward to doing that this week.  If it turns out well, maybe I will post pictures of my weekly progress 🙂

   Lastly, (for real this time) last night we went to dinner over at some friend’s house.  We really had a great time, due to the yummy food and also just because the couple is just so nice.  I especially love how the wife (Wendy) interacts/acts around Megan.  I feel like there really is a difference in the way that women who have children treat other people’s children compared to the women who don’t have children.  I could just tell that Wendy enjoyed having Megan there, and it reminded me that I need to treat all children with love and respect – not just Megan (although she will certainly get a much greater percentage of love and respect).  After all, they are all children of our Heavenly Father – not to mention our very own brothers and sisters.

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  1. Hey Liz…it has been a while! Fun to read your blog again. I would love to take a cake decorating class!! Sounds like a lot of fun. Cute pictures of Megan!

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