Last post for the day


   In case you haven’t noticed, I did several small posts for this week instead of one long one like I usually do.  I was motivated by Mary who does several small blogs during the week, and I think I am liking this more. 

    So for my last blog for the day…

   Tonight I had the opportunity to go to a YW recognition award night for a young woman in our ward.  It really was a very special program and I was awed by the amazing testimonies of the young women who were there.  It made me so excited for when Megan is in primary and young womens so I can share with her the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ through service and personal study. 

   When I got home I was anxious for a little mommy-daughter bonding time.  I decided to let Megan stay up an hour past her bedtime and help me make some chocolate chip cookies.  We had a great time and even though Megan was more into eating all the chocolate chips and it took probably twice as long with her help, I loved every second of it.



 Biding her time:



 Snatching some chocolate chips:



 My happy little helper!



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  1. Okay, so now that you’ve cited me as your inspiration for lots of mini-stories (which I love reading, BTW), I am going to have to figure out who I stole the idea from … because I certainly don’t remember coming up with it myself. Oh yeah, so do you like my title “What could be more fun than this?” …. where do you think I may have seen something a little similar? … 🙂

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