Mini Me


    I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to keeping a clean house.  I have gotten much better over the last 19 months with not having to have EVERYTHING put away ALL the time, and I’ll even put up with a little mess, but pretty much – I find it hard to be comfortable if my house is messy.  Now, when I say messy, I mean Megan’s toys out, or maybe the laundry isn’t always immediately folded and put away – I don’t mean dirty.  I can’t stand a dirty house. 

    Anyway, I am beginning to think I am passing on my need for order to little Megs.  She often helps me with simple chores (helping with the laundry is one of her most favorite things), and I enjoy having her follow me around while I zip through each room throughout the day and pick up whatever messes she has made.

    So the other day she was “helping me” unload the dishwasher.  She is in charge of emptying the silverware, and usually she just pulls everything out and sets it on the open dishwasher door where I then pick it up and put it away.  This time, however, she decided to place all the silverware on the floor, like so:


    After she had completely emptied the baskets, she then put all the items back in.  After which she proceeded to take them all out and place them on the floor, like this:


    Notice in the above picture how she is also clapping for herself.  Whenever Megan feels like she has made a great accomplishment, she will clap for herself, and she wont stop clapping until mommy or daddy also claps.

    Perhaps I am creating some kind of monster…but she sure is the cutest little monster I have ever seen!



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  1. You’re not creating a monster. She’ll move from one funny thing to the next like her crazy cousin Bradley. Encourage the sense of humor. I am all caught up on your blog now. Gives me a reason to get started. UGH! Another thing to add to the list.

  2. you are so funny – i haven’t done the blog thing in awhile and so i have been reading yours for almost an hour it seems! megan is so CUTE …how do you teach organization that young – i need to know!

  3. Oh my goodness…this post made me laugh so hard. She is so cute – and it would be wonderful if she grew up to be just like you.

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