Wait Your Turn, Mr. Mustachio


    On Sunday, Megan’s nursery leaders (who have a 2 year old boy) told us they were expecting another boy.  Adam is also their home teacher and he is going over there tomorrow night.  In effort to practice my cake decorating, and also to celebrate their good news, I spent the morning making them this cake.


    I just followed my book and I guess it turned out okay (it’s a baby in a buggy).  Looking at it now, I can see so many things I would have done differently to make it better.

    We’re supposed to “practice, practice, practice”. We’ll practice, practice, practice means a lot of cake…ugh.  I’m glad to have an excuse to give this one away. 

 Sorry Josh. 


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  1. Very cute cake. Maybe you could make Jamison’s birthday cake. Well, that is if you lived in Las Vegas. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN IOWA? Just kidding. Mostly.

  2. Love the cake! Oh and 3 pounds isn’t too bad! I really need to get going on losing some weight too. Though I probably should start with eating more (as in more food and more healthy). Love reading your blog!

  3. I like that one! It is darling. Hey, I did start a blog for my clippies…please tell your friends and anyone who is interested! I have a link to it on my blog- SALLY’S CLIPPIES (www.sallysclippies.blogspot.com)

  4. I want to take cake making classes, but they’re far away and on Saturday, plus baking cakes every week. Yuck.

    I would bake two eight or nine inch cakes. Freeze one and just make a half sized cake each week if the instructor allowed it.
    Then I’d only have to bake every other week, and it might not get as fattening for those I give cakes to, or for myself.
    I’m always trying to figure out a way to save money or conserve what we have.

  5. Lacey, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I split the cake batter into two rounds and then just freeze one. I still do a layered cake, by slicing the one round in half, and then I fill it (usually with instant pudding…it makes it soo moist and soooo yummy!) So it really just turns out to be a smaller version of a two layered cake – but you really cant tell because of all the frosting.

    The decorating class is great, but it is expensive to get all the supplies so that’s the one complaint I have. Hopefully, I will make enough cakes that it will be worth it!

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