Adam and I have been counting down to Season 4 of “Lost” for…oh, I don’t know, FOREVER! I was so excited a few weeks ago to see the following billboard right here in Ames: 


For those of you who aren’t “LOST” savvy…this is the fictional airline from “LOST”.  Anyway, Adam and I really do not watch very much TV, but we are so hooked on “LOST”.  It all started last Christmas when I was in Las Vegas.  I got there a few weeks before Adam, and my brother-in-law and sister were watching the 1st season on DVD.  I was immediately into it.  When we got back to Provo, I convinced Adam to rent the first season…and obviously the rest is history. 

So Adam and I have big plans for tomorrow night.  We are going to let Megan skip her nap and then we are putting her down at 7:00pm (or should I say 6:55) instead of 8:00 so we can sit back and enjoy the show (ha!  Where are our priorities?).   I don’t think either of us have ever anticipated a show like this before.  I may even make a cake for the occasion 🙂


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  1. I love LOST! Huge fan. I can’t believe I haven’t even watched it yet. Thank heavens that we have DVR. I have the same kind of plans for tonight!! 🙂 PS…I updated my clippie blog…add it to your links list! Let your friends know about them!!

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