President Hinckley


It was one week ago – at about this time – that I found out that President Hinckley had passed away.  I was so sad, yet so happy that he was returning home to our Heavenly Father, who must have been so excited to throw His arms around His faithful son in a mighty embrace.  I’m sure his sweet wife ran to him and cried and laughed in his arms.  I can only imagine what that reunion will be like for my parents.  I bet my dad stood by and watched with a big grin on his face: knowing that he too would be reunited with his sweet wife one day.

I thought this video was a great tribute to the prophet, although I would have preferred to have posted the one Tyler made.  Any chance you’ll be putting that on youtube soon? 🙂

Church today was filled with wonderful memories and testimonies of Gordon B. Hinckley.  I look forward to the day when I can tell my children my own memories of this great prophet.  They’re probably not going to believe some of the more humorous stories, but those of us who loved and knew him will never forget the joy that he shared with all of us. 


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