7 Random Things About ME!


I was tagged by Mary.  I actually enjoy doing these things because it helps people to get to know me better…

Write 7 random things:
1. I have had LOTS of dental work.  And counting.  When I was 10 years old, I got hit in the face by a metal bar (6 inches by 2 inches) and it shattered a couple of my teeth and caused severe trauma to many others.  Unrelated to that, I have an appointment at the end of this month: my wisdom teeth have to come out. 

2. I love to read.  I have read hundreds of books, and I have read many books several times over.

3. When Adam proposed to me I thought he was joking.  Some of my exact words were “stop it” and “this isn’t funny”.  The poor guy was on one knee trying to speak over my protests.  In the end though, I threw my arms around him and said “OF COURSE I’LL MARRY YOU!!!”

4. It’s darn near impossible to surprise me.  Adam will be the first to tell you that giving me big news or gifts is never any fun.  Now, for sure people have given me things that I didn’t expect to receive or told me things that I didn’t know, but I’m never really “surprised”. (Don’t take this the wrong way anyone.  Of course there are exceptions.)

5.  I love to listen to music.  I don’t think I could stand it if I was alone in the car and there was no music on.  Sometimes I can’t stand it if I am in the car with someone else and there is no music on (Adam and Megan are the exception).  I used to have to have music playing in the house at all times, but now I like to keep the house more peaceful and calm.  Still sometimes I fall asleep listening to the IPod and when Megan is resting or out with daddy: I crank on the old radio.

6.  I wish I was famous.  That would be just awesome.  I wish that everywhere I went people said “Oh my gosh!  There goes Elizabeth Johanson!”  I would be the most normal famous person there ever was.

7.  I’m terrified of mice.  Yes, TERRIFIED.  I am not a wimpy kind of girl.  In fact, I’m actually pretty tough.  But when it comes to mice…I seriously shut down.  It might have something to do with the fact that we had a mouse infestation in our home when we returned from being gone for 4 months.  You would be terrified too if you woke up in the morning with a mouse in your bed (true story…poor Adam, the mouse ran right across his chest!)  There would be days when I would be sitting in the family room and I would look over and see a mouse run across the stove and then I would jump up and watch another mouse run across the family room.  We caught 19 mice in a matter of weeks.  You’d think we lived in a hole, but actually – we had a pretty nice (and VERY clean) place.  What we think happened was: there was an elementary school and field that was demolished across the street from our house.  The mice who once lived there were lucky enough to find our house uninhabited and they made themselves at home.  We came home to find mouse droppings EVERYWHERE, multiple items eaten/chewed up, a mouse hole in our bathroom wall, and don’t forget the mice themselves.  The house forever will smell of Lysol.  I cried a lot at that time!  I get tears in my eyes TO THIS DAY just thinking about it.   So that is why I am terrified of mice.

 I tag anyone who wants to do this!


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