American Idol ’08


I love American Idol.  I usually write down all my favorites throughout the auditions, and a couple of them make it pretty far (Taylor Hicks was the first one that I was dead on with – I love Taylor Hicks!) 

 Last night I totally feel in love with Josiah Leming.  He was the last one to audition, and he is an 18 year old living in his car.  He is flippin’ adorable and I loved his voice: British accent and all.  I think he will probably get cut not too far down the line, but I sure liked him.

 Another one of my favorites is Brooke White (and no, it’s not because she is LDS – although I love that she is).  That whole: “I’ve never seen an rated ‘R’ movie” thing was pretty lame.  It was as if she really wanted us all to know that she was Mormon.  But she has a great voice. 

  I also really liked Amanda Overmyer; the nurse slash rocker (and not the other way around).  She reminds me of Taylor Hicks.

Some other of my favorites are:

Alex Lushington

Suzanne Toon

Robbie Carrico

Ramiele Malubay

Jason Rich

I missed a few nights, so there may be a few others that I would probably have liked, but for now – this is who I am going with 🙂


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  1. That was the first thing that came to my mind about Amanda as well, she reminded me of Taylor Hicks. But then Paula said she was the female Daughtry I was like huh? Maybe it was the rocker style she projected. They liked the realness about her and that is all Taylor Hicks. I liked Josiah as well and if he tones down the vibrato a little, I think he will go far.

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