Suck It Up


If only Josiah Leming wasn’t such a cry baby.  Seriously, the tears get old fast, but my goodness I love that kid.  I so want to see him go through.  He is so talented, he can sing and play the piano beautiful.  Below is a video I found on youtube.

 I also wasn’t very impressed with Amanda Overmyer last night, but I still want to see more from her.

I had never heard Carly Smithson before – the Irish girl.  I really liked her. 

I still like Brooke White, but I COULD NOT stand Brooke Helvie.  Paula went way up in my book when she said “no” to her.  I could have killed Simon for his “yes.” 

Some others I liked:

Michael Johns

Colton Berry

David Hernandez (I hadn’t heard him before either.  Wow.  Seriously, wow.  He’s so stinkin’ cute…oh and he can really sing.)

I’m on the fence with David Archulita and Syesha Mercada.  I was sad to see Suzanne Toon go.

Anyway, as if anyone cares about what I think about American Idol…but here you have it.


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