Now I Know My ABCs


We have been working on the alphabet with Megan for about a month now.  In the first week or so, she was able to point out/say 9 letters.  She can now say 15 of the letters!  The most exciting thing about that is how cute she is when she says them 🙂  She starts of at “A” and sings “A-B-C-D-E-F-G” and then she starts to trail off into mumbling, but sometimes she just starts with “H-I-” or “T-U-V-“.   The cutest, cutest, cutest is when she says “W”. 

 I have been trying to catch her singing on video, but lately the camera is proving to be a BIG distraction for her 🙂 

 Also, Megan loves to sing along with her Veggie Tales CD.  I have been trying forever to catch it on video, and this week I was able to catch her singing just the first part:

I had to record her from behind so she couldn’t see the camera.  Oh, and yes, she knows how to select and turn the song on by herself.

 The other thing she started doing this week is spinning around in circles while “singing” “ring around the rosies”.  She refuses to “fall down” though, but expects it from mom and dad.

She is talking so much lately!  I am loving it!


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