Random Cuteness


The other day I was about to fold the laundry when I decided to rest my eyes for a minute on the couch.  Much to my surprise, I was asleep in an instant.  While I slept, Megan took each article of clothing one by one and placed them on my body.  I woke up only when she ran out of body space, and placed a sock on my face. 

I have mentioned before that Megan has TONS of clothes.  I have boxes and boxes of clothes in storage up to about size 3T.  Every few months I go through her clothes and take out what doesn’t fit her, and get out the next size.  I was doing this yesterday, and Megan thought it would be a good help to pull out all the clothes and spread them around her room.

She was very methodical about it.  She  would pull out an item, put it on her head, walk around the rocking chair, walk around her table, and then she would place the item on an empty area of the floor. 


After clean up, I left her playing in her closet.  I came back to find that she had thrown her baby doll on the floor, and was sitting in the doll’s stroller.  She was a little too big for the stroller, and had problems getting our on her own 🙂


Our little Megan is just too cute for words.  Below is a picture of the cutest little feet you will ever see.  We love her too much!


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  1. So, randomly I was playing with Isabelle’s toes earlier (probably because I am so sick I don’t feel like I should play with her hands) and now that I see Megan’s feet I notice that they have some unusual quirks to their little feet. Unless your feet are like that too it must be a Johanson thing. See the way the middle and end toe are at different levels than the rest of the toes. Izzy’s does the same thing. I must say, I know you said that those were the cutest feet I’d ever seen, but like I said … I was looking at Izzy’s feet earlier today … 🙂

    Really, though, Megan is PRECIOUS and I can’t wait to see her in July!

  2. Thinking of her laying those clothes out it so funny. She reminds me of you often. Not that I ever saw you putting your clothes away like that – but I can tell she is your little precious daughter.

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