Goodbye Highchair


Megan has never been a really big fan of her highchair.  When we eat together, we pull her highchair over to the table.  You can tell she’s not exactly happy that she has to be in the highchair while we get to sit in the regular chairs.  The other night, Adam and I decided to let her sit with us at the table on a regular chair.  We have a really strong wooden salad bowl, and we flipped that over and let her sit on it.  SHE LOVED IT!  She was so excited.  She smiled and laughed while eating her spaghetti, and she even grabbed several carrots out of the salad and munched on them: without any persuasion from mom or dad!  It was a miracle! 

So I went out right away and bought a booster seat.  The highchair has been disassembled, and it’s now in the garage.  I am happy because it makes Megan happy, and also because I always thought the highchair was a little bit of an eyesore.  Plus, now there’s more room in my kitchen! Yea!



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  1. My girls were never in a hurry to sit at the table, but my DH brings them to the table as soon as they stop making huge messes at meal time.

    I admit it is fun to have them included at the table for a family dinner.

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