Growing up :)


For the past while…alright, let’s be honest: FOR THE PAST 20 MONTHS, I have been struggling with Megan getting older and turning into a little girl instead of my little baby.  I don’t mean I was a whiny little cutesy mom pretending that I was sad my little girl was growing up;  I was SERIOUSLY not happy about it.  Yesterday that all changed.  She was SO much fun!  She was talking like crazy, and making me smile and laugh, and were having so much fun!!!  I couldn’t believe how happy she was making me.  We really just had a WONDERFUL day!  I would have to chalk it up as one of the top 10 days BEST days of my motherhood.  She REALLY made me fall in love with her all over again!



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  1. Good for you both! They grow up way too fast, I am learning that with Tate and trying to accept his need for independence. I am still not accepting it with Brighton but I still have a few months before I will be forced to.

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