Little Letter Lover


It’s hard to describe, but Megan has just really fallen in love with letters.  I haven’t pushed them on her at all, but I am REALLY trying to take advantage of her interest.  I try to find little ways to encourage her learning; such as buying her Alpha-Bit cookies and playing the “alphabet song” while we are in the car.   One great tool that Megan loves is Sesame Street’s “Keyboard-o-rama”.  This morning I was able to catch some of it on video:

There REALLY is nothing more fulfilling then seeing that we are actually teaching her something and she is capable of learning from us. 


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  1. Keyboard-o-rama is AWESOME. The girls have been doing that since they were 1 and they are also in love with letters! Isn’t it wonderful having smarty-pant children? Another awesome learning tool we discovered were the leap frog videos. There is one called “letter factory” – it lasts about 25 minutes (I like that it is short) and is amazing. It takes the next step of teaching the phonics of each letter, so whenever you think she might be ready it is awesome. The girls are already reading some short words and I think it has a lot to do with keyboard-o-rama and the leap frog video. There is a little song we sing, “every letter makes a sound the A says “a”” to the tune of “the farmer in the dale.” Megan is such a smart little thing … I’m already day dreaming about our little girl cousins being roomies at BYU! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know about this game.
    We use for keyboard games for Eden though she’s starting to get coordination with the mouse.

    I refuse to sit and play games with them, or basically sit and tell them the answers, so if they can’t do it on their own or get frustrated too easily they have to find something else to play.
    My girls both love site though.

    It’s fun watching them learn.

  3. I knew she would be smart. I mean, considering her gene pool. Come on! She is going to be the kid that makes all of her classmates in Kindergarten look like slackers. I may have to use some of these games when Stella gets a little older.

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