Thinking of Carrie


For a long time I wanted to post a blog dedicated to Carrie, and today seems as good a day as any.  Carrie is Adam’s sister, and let me tell you, she’s one amazing person.  In the few years that I have known Carrie, she has been pummeled with one trial after another.  And these aren’t your everyday run of the mill trials.  

In the less then two years, Carrie has lost two people who were incredibly special to her.  The first’s death was labeled as “suicide”, although there is A LOT of uncertainty in that area given recent events.  He was a great friend to Carrie, with the potential of becoming more.  I still remember the shock of hearing the news, and the overwhelming sadness I felt on Carrie’s behalf.

The second death happened in July of last year.  It was a time which should have been a whirlwind of happiness for Carrie, and her finance, Todd.  A date was set, preparations were being made, and the ring was in possession.  Carrie and Todd spent a wonderful night with his parents and had high expectations for the future.  I imagine that after they kissed goodbye that night, Carrie probably shut the door with a smile that stayed on her face: until she received a horrible phone call.

Through the relationships with both these men, there was another man who lurked in Carrie’s life.  An ex-boyfriend, who just never could settle himself in Carrie’s past; although that is DEFINITELY where he belonged.  On the last night in June of 2007, John was waiting outside for Todd.  After a series of events, he shot Todd and ended his life.

Today is the murder trial for John.  Of course, sweet and honest Carrie has been called to testify.  No one could possibly know how hard this will be for her, but I do know for sure that Carrie will have the spirit with her through it all, because she has incredible faith.  You see, like I said before, Carrie is amazing.  Through all of this she has NEVER lost faith.  She has been a pillar of strength to those who begot weakness in this time of sorrow.  She has continued to serve others, to attend the temple, to support her family in their ups and downs, to pray and follow God’s commandments.  She shines brighter than anyone I know.  She has forgiveness in her heart and a love for the Savior that is likely unmatchable.  Her life has been torn apart, and yet she continues to LIVE. 

Carrie sees the big picture.  She’s an incredible example to me, and although she may want what I have (an eternal spouse and a family), I am really the one who needs to be more like her.  Today (like most days) my thoughts and prayers are with Carrie.  I’d likewise admonish you to remember Carrie this day.  We love you, Carrie.  As one of his beloved, we know that the spirit of the Lord will certainly be with you.


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  1. OH wow, Very sad, I hope she does well through the trial. How
    great that she has been an example to others around her through
    all of this.

  2. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe this. I would be so sad. She must be so strong. I hope she is able to make it through the trial ok. I wish her the best in everything. wow. so sad.

  3. Thank you so much Elizabeth. After a week of not being on the computer much, it was so nice to catch up and see this sweet ‘tribute’. I am so grateful for the guilty verdict, that John will be in jail for a long time, and that I won’t have to worry about him showing up at work, church, or my life anytime soon! Thank you so much for your fasting and prayers. This week, even as I have thought of the devastating loss and impacts, it’s also been clear to see many of the blessings of love and perspective that have come.

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