Annelisa Comes To Play


Last night Megan and I got to hang out with Annelisa while Adam and her parents went to an organ workshop (organ as in the musical instrument, not the body parts).  Megan has spent a lot of time with Annelisa and was delighted when she came over last night.  The two girls had a blast together and were especially good at turning the playroom upside down!


Lately we have been trying to teach Megan about sharing.  Several times throughout the night I caught Megan practicing some “reluctant sharing”.  Not reluctant on the giving end, but instead reluctant on the receiving end!  She was literally stuffing things in Annelisa’s hands, whether she wanted them or not!



So it’s no secret that Megan doesn’t like to eat.  Imagine her delight when she found a willing recipient for the food she didn’t want!



The cutest thing of all was Megan calling Annelisa “baby” all night.  Whenever Annelisa was out of sight, Megan would yell out, “baby?” and go running to find her.  Apparently to Megan, if you are 2 months younger than her: you are a baby.


It was so much fun to watch these two girls play together.  Annelisa is more than a delight and for sure Megan woke up this morning missing her friend.


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  1. That mess looks like my girls room from when they had their friend Britta over earlier this week.

    When I asked them to clean it up Britta’s response was she didn’t want to because then Mommy would come pick her up.
    I assured her she still had a long time to play and that picking up is just nice to do.

    I also love that she called her baby. Too cute. 🙂

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