This Really IS Heaven!


So for the past couple of days, the weather here in Ames has been WONDERFUL.  In fact, yesterday we hit a high of 52 degrees, and I can’t remember there ever being a warmer day in my entire life!  I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying this beautiful change in the air; little Miss Megan was in HEAVEN!  We decided that weather was finally nice enough to let her run around on the balcony, (after I spent a good ten minutes sweeping of all the pigeon poo…don’t even get me started…).  She may have been playing it cool, but let me tell you, she was more excited them she has been in MONTHS!!


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  1. OH MY GOSH, shorts and a T-shirt in 54 degree weather. That’s insane. We are all bundled up in our jeans and sweatshirts in that temp.

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