Bathtime ABCs


So Megan can go through the entire alphabet and say every letter.  Sometimes she decides that she doesn’t want to say some of the letters, but rest assured; she can say them all!  She also decides sometimes that she wants to say the phonetic sounds instead of the letter sound.  Anyway, here is a clip of us going through the letters in the bath.  It’s really the only place that I can record her without distracting her too much with the camera, so I apologize for the St. Patrick’s Day green water!:


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  1. I love all the new posts. Thanks for the updates. I love the picasa pictures. I’ll post some comments there later. Very VERY cute pictures of the Easter dress(es). I’ll send you a video later of Bradley Bear doing his letters. We coax them into the next letter the same way. Funny. Also, funny that you woke up to snow. It’s so hot here. Lame.

  2. Elizabeth, I just wanted to comment on how cute and smart Megan is! You are a great mom and I know she’s learning lots from you!

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