Happy Easter?


Of course this Easter has been a great holiday for us.  The reminder of the Atonement and the Resurrection on this special day has been wonderful.  We both felt the spirit so strongly today as we talked and sang of Jesus and his atoning sacrifice and the miracle and marvel that is the Resurrection. 

Because He did this, Easter also symbolizes new life.  Spring comes, the snow melts, the birds chirp and the flowers bloom.

 Apparently Iowa missed this memo.


We woke up on this wonderful and glorious Easter morning to find a thin layer of snow on the ground.  The ground that should be budding with “new life”.  Instead of a happy spring tune filling the air, there was a chill instead. 


Of course Megan wore a sweater, but I wanted to take an outdoor picture of her in her special Easter dress, as is our tradition. 


Oh well, the true meaning of Easter was still intact, regardless of the incooperative weather.  All I know is that Spring is seriously just around the corner.  That keeps me (and obviously Megan) still smiling!



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  1. She looks too cute.

    Snow can mean new life or at least purity?

    Do the two dresses, match, or are they at least very similar in the dress pattern?

  2. The two dresses are a little different in pattern and the one from last year has shorter sleeves, but they are VERY similar. They are both made by Laura Ashley (which is my favorite brand). Megan’s Red Christmas dress is also Laura Ashley as is this blue dress my mom bought for her first birthday. I actually have a few more too! Like I said….they’re my favorite!!!

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