Happy EARLY Birthday, Megan!


So I REALLY wanted to get Megan a children’s recliner for her 2nd birthday present.  I finally found one I wanted, and I just HAD to order it right away (a strange personality quirk, but that’s the way I am).  Also, you never know how long things will take to ship, or if they get lost or are on back order, etc. etc. etc.  So I ordered Megan’s chair about 4 months in advance.  Well…it arrived today – 3 months before her 2nd birthday. 

Another strange personality quirk, if you will, is that I DO NOT like to wait to give gifts.  It drives Adam crazy, and he hardly ever gives in when I want to receive/give something early.  After an inward struggle (I mean I REALLY struggled) I finally decided I wanted to give it to her today anyway.  Adam complied (especially because she has another gift from us down in the garage that has been there for OVER a month and I have been able to resist giving it to her thus far – and I WILL be able to hold out until her birthday in June…) Anyway, Megan absolutely LOVES her new chair!   She was laughing and squeaking and was just sooooo excited!






 I know I will have to be more patient with giving gifts in the future.  Of course I want her to realize her birthdays are special, and although she probably won’t even realize what’s going on, we will still celebrate her 2nd birthday in a blaze of glory.  After all, we DID start celebrating 3 months early!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGASAURUS!

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  1. That is such a cute chair. If we had space I would totally love to have chairs for my girls.

    I also hate waiting to give gifts especially if they can use them right away.

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