I Told You…


…that Megan LOVES letters. She wakes up saying her ABCs and goes to bed saying her ABCs. Today I was sitting with her at the computer going over her letters, and I thought I would try and see if she could recognize any words. Much to my surprise, she could recognize about 20 of the words I typed! I was in shock!

By the time Adam got home and I was able to get him to record it, she was pretty much done showing off for me. We were able to get a little on tape though. I love how instead of saying the words “cat” “cow” and “monkey”, she just makes their respective sounds. She’s just too cute!

She also can recognize all the letters (both uppercase and lowercase). She really just LOVES letters!


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  1. That’s amazing! She’s going to be reading novels by the time she’s in kindergarten! You two are such great parents!

  2. girl I SO know you weren’t trying to be sassy.. I’m glad you said something cause my husband read it and was like… oh yeah!!! it was funny actually! 🙂 girl. I just got done reading that blog where you locked yourself out and I was DYING…. I would have like grabbed big rocks and thrown them through someones someones window!! haha you did good!!!

  3. Next your going to brag that her dad is a Rocket Scientist! HeeHee! She is amazing! You need to send that into America’s Funniest Home Videos, it is not funny but is truly amazing! You are wonderful parents and here I thought Brighton was doing good because he knows his ABC’s and can count to 10 by himself. I guess I have a lot of work to do! 🙂

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