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Bathtime ABCs


So Megan can go through the entire alphabet and say every letter.  Sometimes she decides that she doesn’t want to say some of the letters, but rest assured; she can say them all!  She also decides sometimes that she wants to say the phonetic sounds instead of the letter sound.  Anyway, here is a clip of us going through the letters in the bath.  It’s really the only place that I can record her without distracting her too much with the camera, so I apologize for the St. Patrick’s Day green water!:

“Spring”ing Off the Diving Board


   Another one of our fun Spring Break activities was a trip to the pool.  Meggie sure loves to swim!  She had such a good time! 



     She was having a lot of fun at the beginning with both Adam and me, but I think she had the most fun when she was alone with Daddy.  I left them and went and did laps on my own.  Every time I looked over, they were having an absolute blast!  Her giggle literally resonated throughout the entire building! 


     Her fun may have been rivalled only by my own in that I had a great time just swimming laps and getting some much needed exercise.  For sure I will have to get a summer pass there – for both our sakes!



Bunny Dress


I pulled out Megan’s Easter Bunny dress from last year and decided to let her wear it to church last Sunday.  Last year she wore it the week before Easter, too.



She really looked so cute in the dress last Sunday, although it was probably a tad too small.  So while we were sitting in sacrament, (me beaming at my cute girl, Adam listening to the speaker, and Megan playing with her church toys), all of a sudden one of the toys she was playing with (which just happened to be a squishy liquidy toy) exploded ALL OVER me and Megan and the church pew.  Luckily for me, I was wearing a black, nylon, polyester skirt (instead of my 100% suede one that I ALMOST wore, but decided not to wear at the last second: THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!), so the water just kind of rolled off of me, but unfortunately for Megan, her once all white dress was soaking wet and dyed PINK.  She spent the rest of the day in a slightly tye-dyed dress, but it ALMOST looked like it was supossed to be that way.  You may or may not be able to tell that the dress is tinted pink in the following pictures which were taken after church:



The pink actually washed right out, but I don’t think it mattered since she probably wont fit in the dress next year 🙂

Happy Easter?


Of course this Easter has been a great holiday for us.  The reminder of the Atonement and the Resurrection on this special day has been wonderful.  We both felt the spirit so strongly today as we talked and sang of Jesus and his atoning sacrifice and the miracle and marvel that is the Resurrection. 

Because He did this, Easter also symbolizes new life.  Spring comes, the snow melts, the birds chirp and the flowers bloom.

 Apparently Iowa missed this memo.


We woke up on this wonderful and glorious Easter morning to find a thin layer of snow on the ground.  The ground that should be budding with “new life”.  Instead of a happy spring tune filling the air, there was a chill instead. 


Of course Megan wore a sweater, but I wanted to take an outdoor picture of her in her special Easter dress, as is our tradition. 


Oh well, the true meaning of Easter was still intact, regardless of the incooperative weather.  All I know is that Spring is seriously just around the corner.  That keeps me (and obviously Megan) still smiling!


Zooper Fun!


So for one of our big “Spring Break” activities, we decided to take Megan to the Zoo in Des Moines.  It’s not a huge zoo, meaning it doesn’t rival L.A. or San Diego, but it was a lot of fun.  I think Megan mostly enjoyed being outdoors.  Adam and I actually REALLY enjoyed the animals (the sea lions were Adam’s favorite, and I liked the tiger).  We were able to get there right as the Zoo opened, so it wasn’t crowded AT ALL.  We took A LOT of pictures, so I will post them on Picasa.  But here are a few of my favorites from the day:

The first animal we saw was a Lynx.  Megan called him a cat and said, “meow!”


There weren’t actually any elephants there, but this one was fascinating enough to Megan:


Megan look out!  There’s hundreds of poisonous Jelly Fish behind you!


Adam’s favorite animal, the Sea Lion:


Megan leading daddy to the next exhibit:


This face pretty much sums up Megan’s zoo experience!


Afterwards we went to an “all-you-can-eat” pizza and salad buffet.  We both All three of us thought it was super delicious, and Megan especially loved the cheesy garlic bread.  I was in heaven with the apple strudel dessert.  It was AMAZING!  Seriously, I am going to have to try to “Google It” with all my heart because I don’t know how I have lived 24 years without it.

Finger lickin’ good:


All in all, it was a zooper fun day for us.  We actually had never really done anything in Des Moines (except go to the airport) so it was interesting to see a little bit of Iowa’s capital. 

St. Patrick’s Day


So I have a few memories of my mom giving us colored baths on certain occasions.  I don’t think she did it for EVERY holiday, but I do remember a few.  I specifically remember getting a green bath once for St. Patrick’s Day.  So I decided to carry on the “tradition” with little Megan. 



I did an orange bath back in October for Halloween and I remember Megan thinking it was fun, but not THAT fun.  She thought the green bath was awesome!  She was so excited to get in, and she did NOT want to get out! 


Cure For the Cold Weather Blues


    For weeks now we have been promising Megan that soon we will be able to go the park.  We had our fingers crossed that Spring Break would dawn beautiful and sunny (I’m only asking for it to be 50 degrees…is that too much to ask for?!!!).  So far this week we have had no such luck.  “Supposedly” it’s “supposed” to be warm tomorrow, but we are so tired of waiting, and making promises that we can’t keep, so…


…we bundled Megan up and went to the park anyway!  She had an absolute blast.  I was a little worried about her hands because she refuses to keep her gloves on, but it really wasn’t THAT cold (about 36 degrees).  I was also afraid that she might have forgotten how much she loves the park since we haven’t been in over 5 months, but that definitely wasn’t the case. 


It was wonderful to get outside and to let Megan slide and swing to her heart’s content.  I SO look forward to warmer days.  You can guarantee that Megan and I will be at the park ALL THE TIME!

Note: The song on the video is one of Megan’s favorites from VeggieTales, that’s why I put it on there.  Plus, it’s kind of fitting since we really are feeling “blue” with the lack of nice weather!