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Happy EARLY Birthday, Megan!


So I REALLY wanted to get Megan a children’s recliner for her 2nd birthday present.  I finally found one I wanted, and I just HAD to order it right away (a strange personality quirk, but that’s the way I am).  Also, you never know how long things will take to ship, or if they get lost or are on back order, etc. etc. etc.  So I ordered Megan’s chair about 4 months in advance.  Well…it arrived today – 3 months before her 2nd birthday. 

Another strange personality quirk, if you will, is that I DO NOT like to wait to give gifts.  It drives Adam crazy, and he hardly ever gives in when I want to receive/give something early.  After an inward struggle (I mean I REALLY struggled) I finally decided I wanted to give it to her today anyway.  Adam complied (especially because she has another gift from us down in the garage that has been there for OVER a month and I have been able to resist giving it to her thus far – and I WILL be able to hold out until her birthday in June…) Anyway, Megan absolutely LOVES her new chair!   She was laughing and squeaking and was just sooooo excited!






 I know I will have to be more patient with giving gifts in the future.  Of course I want her to realize her birthdays are special, and although she probably won’t even realize what’s going on, we will still celebrate her 2nd birthday in a blaze of glory.  After all, we DID start celebrating 3 months early!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGASAURUS!

What’s in a name?


So I realize there are some of our blog readers who don’t know exactly why our blog is entitled: “Is This Heaven?”  There are probably many assumptions, which are probably very applicable,  but here is the original reason:

When we told our family we were moving to Iowa, my brother Loren reminded me of this scene from “Field of Dreams”. 

 After we moved here, I sent out pictures of our apartment.  Here is a shot that I sent out of the view from our balcony:


My brother Tyson sent me this photo in response:


So, when I started my blog about a month later, the title “Is This Heaven?” seemed more than appropriate.

Bathtime ABCs


So Megan can go through the entire alphabet and say every letter.  Sometimes she decides that she doesn’t want to say some of the letters, but rest assured; she can say them all!  She also decides sometimes that she wants to say the phonetic sounds instead of the letter sound.  Anyway, here is a clip of us going through the letters in the bath.  It’s really the only place that I can record her without distracting her too much with the camera, so I apologize for the St. Patrick’s Day green water!:

“Spring”ing Off the Diving Board


   Another one of our fun Spring Break activities was a trip to the pool.  Meggie sure loves to swim!  She had such a good time! 



     She was having a lot of fun at the beginning with both Adam and me, but I think she had the most fun when she was alone with Daddy.  I left them and went and did laps on my own.  Every time I looked over, they were having an absolute blast!  Her giggle literally resonated throughout the entire building! 


     Her fun may have been rivalled only by my own in that I had a great time just swimming laps and getting some much needed exercise.  For sure I will have to get a summer pass there – for both our sakes!



Bunny Dress


I pulled out Megan’s Easter Bunny dress from last year and decided to let her wear it to church last Sunday.  Last year she wore it the week before Easter, too.



She really looked so cute in the dress last Sunday, although it was probably a tad too small.  So while we were sitting in sacrament, (me beaming at my cute girl, Adam listening to the speaker, and Megan playing with her church toys), all of a sudden one of the toys she was playing with (which just happened to be a squishy liquidy toy) exploded ALL OVER me and Megan and the church pew.  Luckily for me, I was wearing a black, nylon, polyester skirt (instead of my 100% suede one that I ALMOST wore, but decided not to wear at the last second: THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!), so the water just kind of rolled off of me, but unfortunately for Megan, her once all white dress was soaking wet and dyed PINK.  She spent the rest of the day in a slightly tye-dyed dress, but it ALMOST looked like it was supossed to be that way.  You may or may not be able to tell that the dress is tinted pink in the following pictures which were taken after church:



The pink actually washed right out, but I don’t think it mattered since she probably wont fit in the dress next year 🙂