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Bradley: As Amazing As Ever


Of course as a mom I am often motivated by the sucesses I see in other children. The children that I am most often influenced by, are my own precious neices and nephews. Between our two families, Adam and I have 22 neices and nephews. Each one of them brings something special to the table. I don’t think that either one of our families realizes to what extent I love hearing about what these kids are up to. I’m always asking my mom about her grandkids, and I love getting updates from Cyndi and Mary about their little ones.

My sister Sarah recently posted this video of my nephew Bradley. Bradley has a great strength in his memorization skills. Bradley is only 4 years old, and I know for a fact that he knew some of these when he was 3. He has always been interested in learning them. Bradley has set the bar high…the smarty pants!

Imagine how much easier it is going to be for Bradley when someone asks him the basic beliefs of the Church. I can’t wait to teach Megan the Articles of Faith. This makes me want to brush up on the Articles of Faith!

Quick Update


We didn’t do a color of the week last week…nor did we do one this week. My determination was dashed when Adam and I realized that it takes her all of about 2 times to commit a color to memory. Add pink, brown, white and black to the colors she knows. Seriously, once this girl is interested in something, she just takes off with it – RUNNING. Again, I contribute her learning of the colors to her love of the alphabet. We often associated the letter “y” with the color “yellow”. Now yellow is her favorite color, and that was the first color we started color weeks with, so she caught onto the color thing fast.

So instead of colors these past 2 weeks, we have been working on her ABCs in sign language. Now she can recognize all 26 letter signs, as well as the signs for numbers 1-10 (in sign language, numbers 1-10 are all signed on one hand, so it is different than using all 10 fingers). She walks around the house saying her ABCs as usual, but now her little hand is busy trying to make the signs. She can only sign about 3 letters (her little fingers try so hard though!) There is no real reason why we taught her the ABCs in sign language, other than the fact that we did it a couple times, and she was interested.

Other than that, Adam and I still have plenty to keep us busy. I haven’t been feeling too well lately, and I’ve got this lingering cold that will disappear for a day, and then rear it’s ugly head again. I don’t know how busy our summer will be, (Adam is doing research and will be a TA) but I am SO looking forward to the end of the semester. Only 7 more days.

Been Busy


Things went well with “Blue week.” I just barely had a chance to load the pictures onto the computer though, so I still have to go through them all and edit them and then I will post them.

I am starting to feel as though the weekly concentration on a color is a bit futile. Last week I learned that Megan knows all her colors. We were at the library and she was playing with one of those beaded mazes. She pointed out each color including green, orange, purple, yellow, red, and blue. I guess I should start doing more obscure colors like gold or salmon. Apparently this girl doesn’t need me around to teach her anything!!! We’re doing purple this week…maybe I’ll throw in violet and lavender, too…

Adam and I have been very busy the past couple of weeks. For Adam, this semester is rapidly coming to a close. I feel guilty sometimes because he does such an excellent job of balancing school, work, church and family. Most of the other students in the program are at school all day every day and I see Adam a lot more then their…roommates? I am certain that many of them do not comprehend the importance that Adam places on his wife and child. Perhaps they feel like I pressure him to hurry up and be home with me as soon as possible so that he can help take care of Megan or clean the house while I relax. That could never be further from the truth. It’s Adam’s decision to schedule his days the way he does, and I am so very grateful. There is no better part of my day than when he comes through the door. Oh and P.S. he does do a lot of his school work from home. He is a greatly disciplined student.

I have also been busy. A few Sundays ago I was released from my calling as Relief Society Secretary. I was also given my fifth calling since moving here to Ames 11 months previously. I was called to be the Relief Society Compassionate Service Leader, and yes I was scared out of my mind. I still worry every single day about getting things done and about being sensitive to the spirit so I can determine who is in need. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the sisters here in Ames. I just hope that they are grateful to have me serving them. I’ve also been sick the past few days. Monday night my throat started really hurting, and by Tuesday morning it was all red and pussy. Lovely, I know.

Okay I am going to go through the pictures from last week now and I’ll get together some of the highlights from blue week. Czech them out when you get a chance.

Forget That She Can Read…


This past week, Megan has started reading words by sounding them out.

I wear a HUGE bright yellow Mitt Romney t-shirt to bed. Megan loves my shirt because it’s yellow: her favorite color. When she sees me wearing it, she runs up to me and yells: “YELLOW!!!”

The other day she did this and I scooped her up into my arms so she could see the letters on the shirt. She pointed at the letters and named them one by one: “M – I – T – T”. Then she said “MMMMIT.”

I was pretty amazed. This is only the second time that she has read a word that we hadn’t taught her (the other word was “bed” which she read during “red week”. I am sure she was able to recognize that it was the same as “red” only with a “b”.) I called my mom and told her, thinking she would be just as amazed as I was.

She was. I think her exact words were: “Oh good! She’s a Republican!”