Little Girls Have Pretty Curls, but I Like Oreos…


My dad used to say that to me. Luckily, I never felt second to his love of Oreos because I didn’t have pretty curls. In fact, I have the straightest hair ever. I have absolutely zero percent wave. I used to always wish that I had curl in my hair. I don’t mean a little curl either, I wished that I had the tightest most curliest ringlets ever – much like my friend Heather. Okay, exactly like my friend Heather.

I have come to accept, however, that I have no curl, and I have straight hair. Not only do I accept it, but I also appreciate it, since people who have curly hair always tell me how good I have it. I’ll admit though, I always hoped that my children would have a little curl in their hair.

Imagine my thrill when little Megan was born with a head full of beautiful hair, with the tiniest amount of curl in it…when wet…

Today Megan’s hair has more curl then ever, and I love it. It may not be the tightest most curliest ringlets ever, but it definitely is the PERFECT amount of curl. I just love her hair when she is fresh out of a bath. I’ve decided to let her hair grow long and curly now as opposed to cutting it every few months in order to get it thick (which it is) and healthy (which it also is) and to keep her looking young (I’m started to accept that she’s growing up).

With a little product in her hair...Fresh out of the bath Megan Curly.  Mommy Straight


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  1. I love little girls with curly hair. Her hair looks so cute. My neice has ringlet hair – you can see a picture if you look at the link tyler and Anna on my blog. They are so cute! But I can imagine what a pain they can be when you have to deal with them everyday!

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