Practice Makes Perfect


It’s hard to believe the things that my little ONE year old has achieved in the last couple of months. I have mentioned before that she has hit the biggest learning curve of her 21.5 months. She knows her numbers 1-10, she knows her letters AND she can read about 55 words. I relish each new achievement and marvel at her capacity to learn.

Lately Megan has really taken to the piano. She used to just jump on the bench and pound away, occasionally tapping at solo keys. It seems like up until a month ago, she was more interested in watching the board light up as she turned the piano off and on, but now that is far from the case.

Recently her plunking at the keys has turned into so much more. Her love of letters has translated into a desire to learn the alphabet song. She doesn’t have it down 100% yet, but she’s getting close. Personally, I think it’s pretty amazing! Her ability to learn how to play the piano just fits in with her fun little personality. Megan truly is one of kind, and I am SO grateful that I get to be her “Melmo”!


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  1. That’s amazing. Keep working with her! I think music abliity can be in the genes – but I also think that it can be held at bay an entire lifetime if it isn’t nourished. She obviously feels like she is pleasing her parents. You must be very encouraging. Great job!

    I also think it’s good to write these things down and take lots of video. I know Bradley had “Jingle Bells” down by the time he was 2 – but I remember exactly when he started trying to play the piano by ear because I didn’t document the first attempts.

  2. I think she is so adorable. I can’t get over that not only can she play that, but she has the attention span of a child twice her age. Crazy, she is precious!

  3. That is amazing.

    My children can’t play piano but pretty soon they’ll know all of the Beatles songs because we constantly play them at my house.

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