So apparently yellow is Megan’s favorite color. I knew that she liked to say it most of all colors (I mean, come on, who doesn’t enjoy saying the word “yellow”?) but I didn’t know to what extent. All week as I tried to teach her about the color red, she made it clear that she was more interested in reviewing the color yellow. I would point at something and say “red” and she would find another object (sometimes she would search high and low until she found one) and declare “yellow”.

Even though it was a bit frustrating at first, I learned to accept her love for yellow when I discovered she was, in fact, learning the color red. Just today at church, she opened one of her sacrament books and first pointed at a yellow object and identified it as yellow, and then did the same with a red object. I felt satisfied in my weekly endeavor.

I would chalk it up as a successful week, and I would even go as far as to say we had as much fun as we did during yellow week. Megan’s two favorite things from this week were: flying the Elmo kite, and (of course) her red bath.

In addition to the same things we did during yellow week, we also: ate lots of red foods, including (but not limited to) strawberries, spaghetti, pizza, and lasagna; checked out two books at the library about the color “red”, flew a red Elmo kite, and picked out a couple red toys.

Next week is “blue week” and surprisingly, I think I have more blue clothes than any other color. Well, except pink…

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from red week, and be sure to check out Picasa for even more.


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  1. this is just waaaaaay too good parenting! you’re setting an incredibly high standard!

  2. Andrew and I love looking at all the cute pictures of Megan during her weeks of color. Today while looking Andrew pointed to the picture of Megan sleeping in her red jammies and said, “Meggie”. So cute!

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