Forget That She Can Read…


This past week, Megan has started reading words by sounding them out.

I wear a HUGE bright yellow Mitt Romney t-shirt to bed. Megan loves my shirt because it’s yellow: her favorite color. When she sees me wearing it, she runs up to me and yells: “YELLOW!!!”

The other day she did this and I scooped her up into my arms so she could see the letters on the shirt. She pointed at the letters and named them one by one: “M – I – T – T”. Then she said “MMMMIT.”

I was pretty amazed. This is only the second time that she has read a word that we hadn’t taught her (the other word was “bed” which she read during “red week”. I am sure she was able to recognize that it was the same as “red” only with a “b”.) I called my mom and told her, thinking she would be just as amazed as I was.

She was. I think her exact words were: “Oh good! She’s a Republican!”


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  1. I have heard that children who have the proper input can begin reading and talking about the same time. You are such an amazing mother to my amazing granddaughter!

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