Quick Update


We didn’t do a color of the week last week…nor did we do one this week. My determination was dashed when Adam and I realized that it takes her all of about 2 times to commit a color to memory. Add pink, brown, white and black to the colors she knows. Seriously, once this girl is interested in something, she just takes off with it – RUNNING. Again, I contribute her learning of the colors to her love of the alphabet. We often associated the letter “y” with the color “yellow”. Now yellow is her favorite color, and that was the first color we started color weeks with, so she caught onto the color thing fast.

So instead of colors these past 2 weeks, we have been working on her ABCs in sign language. Now she can recognize all 26 letter signs, as well as the signs for numbers 1-10 (in sign language, numbers 1-10 are all signed on one hand, so it is different than using all 10 fingers). She walks around the house saying her ABCs as usual, but now her little hand is busy trying to make the signs. She can only sign about 3 letters (her little fingers try so hard though!) There is no real reason why we taught her the ABCs in sign language, other than the fact that we did it a couple times, and she was interested.

Other than that, Adam and I still have plenty to keep us busy. I haven’t been feeling too well lately, and I’ve got this lingering cold that will disappear for a day, and then rear it’s ugly head again. I don’t know how busy our summer will be, (Adam is doing research and will be a TA) but I am SO looking forward to the end of the semester. Only 7 more days.


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  1. That little Megan is amazing. Hopefully you will be able to have a restful summer and can stop feeling so sick. 🙂

  2. I don’t know about in Iowa, but our PBS has this signing show.

    It’s great and I’ve just realized that it’s on at 1 during the weekdays here, were as it use to be on only on Sundays at 6:30 am.

    Their site is http://www.signingtimekids.org.

    She’s in town this Friday and I’m thinking of taking the girls. Even though they’ve only seen the show a few times.
    They love it.

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