The HUGE Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel


Lately it has been very hard to get up the motivation to clean my house. Most days I just feel so sick that it’s all I can do to get out of my pajamas and take a shower (most days I end up just putting on another pair of pajamas after I shower…if I shower…) At the end of the day, everything is picked up and the dishes are done and every couple of days the bathrooms get a good once over; but the one room that NEVER gets done is our bedroom.

So I finally told myself that I was cleaning my room no matter HOW sick I felt, and I just got down to it. I think that Adam was out running errands, which is good, because if he was home there is no way I would have had the motivation to get anything done. So anyway, Megan was in the room (pulling out some things faster than I could put others away) and I really wasn’t paying too much attention to her. When I finally tuned in to what she was doing, I realized that was RUNNING around in circles on my bed singing “Ring Around the Rosies” and laughing her little head off.

I guess it’s moments like this that remind me how worth it pregnancy is. I am not one of those people who loves being pregnant. BUT in the end, when the result is my little Baby Johanson…I realize just why I go through it 🙂


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  1. I always used to start in the front of the house and never make it back to my room (you know – you were there.) I have changed that recently and started EVERY cleaning session in my room and bathroom. That way it’s always done first and never gets too out of control. Just a tip I’ve learned discovered. Or, you could always just get a maid.

  2. hey, i’m dang proud of you for cleaning! our family had the flu a week ago and i was reminded of how i felt when i was pregnant… not it! needless to say, i’m still catching up on cleaning, sorting and tossing. and sarah’s got a point, until that nesting thing kicks in and you stop loosing your stomach every time you move, there have got to be some great cleaning ladies in iowa!!!

  3. So cute! I sure wish I could get Andrew to sing. I would love to hear her cute little voice.

  4. Hang in there! You are almost past the sickness stage and you will feel awesome. Then in a few months you will get to where I am and wish this baby would just come out already!

  5. Such a cute post! I am so happy for you guys. Yes, the cleaning seems close to impossible when you are prego. Way to go for doing it!

  6. Megan is so sweet. Doesn’t it feel so good when you get everything finished and all clean. I hate to clean to but when I do I am so much happier. Really I need to get into a tiff about something because then I clean so much better! So silly.

  7. dang she is beautiful. I don’t even have a baby, and I still consider it an accomplishment to keep anything clean.

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