Less Than a Month…


Megan has been so much fun lately. She is talking “LIKE CRAZY” and it is absolutely adorable. She tries to repeat everything we say, and I just get the biggest kick out of it. Each morning when I go in to get her, I say: “hi, Bug!” Now she says it to me before I get the chance! Also, she has started answering her own requests. She’ll say: “juice please” and then immediately follow it with “okay.” If she falls down, or trips, or gets bumped on anything, she always says “you okay?” Usually she is fine and continues on what she was doing, but it just breaks our little hearts when the “you okay?” is asked in the saddest little tone, followed by tears.

It is a hard truth for me that Megan will be two years old in less than a month. Of course I love the little girl she is becoming. But I am sure that all mothers will agree that the growing independence is a little hard.

Lately Megan has been allowing me to take pictures of her. She’ll actually say “cheese” and smile! Enjoy some recent pictures of our little Megan during the last month before she is two…


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  1. So cute! And she seems to be more comfortable talking around other people too!

  2. That picture in the dress with her hands up is so precious! The independent stage is hard but when the new baby comes you will be glad she is able to do some things on her own.

  3. That main photo of Megan has got to be one of my favorite ever – beautiful. And to your point, oh my yes, these girls are all just growing TOO FAST!

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