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4 Months Prego


Here I was last week at 4 months pregnant.

I’m a lot bigger than I look in these pregnancy pictures I post. I am going to have to wear something in the next picture that conveys just how pregnant I actually look. Seriously, I have a belly…I just also have a lot of clothes that don’t flaunt it. So much for a picture each month to look back on. I’ll remember this next time. I should probably just take another one to prove it. Too bad I wear my pajamas all day these days; not quite the image I want to document. Ah well. Next month. 🙂

Happy Birthday To You!


The long awaited day has arrived. Megan is two today!

We are not quite sure how this day is going to turn out. It has been pouring rain all morning AND Miss Megan is exhausted. She decided she didn’t want to go to sleep until after MIDNIGHT last night (she usually goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00) and then she woke up at 7:15 this morning (she usually gets up between 7:30 and 8:00). You do the math. I think this is the FIRST time Megan has EVER stayed up so late.

Luckily I finished her video last week. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.



Yep, I am bedridden. Well, not right this second – although I am using up precious moments of non bed-rest time in order to write this. For the past 3 months or so I have been suffering from some pretty bad back pain, which we now know is “Sciatica”. I read somewhere that Sciatica pain can vary from slight discomfort to excruciating pain, and the latter is where I am. It is not actually caused by pregnancy, but whatever the problem, (which we can’t be 100% sure of because the testing required is not appropriate during pregnancy) is especially irritated because I am pregnant.

Right now the best chance I have of getting some relief is physical therapy and some very specific stretches. But before I can jump into that, I need to get the pain level down and the inflammation down. Which means I need to REST…from everything. The tiniest things set my back into pain, so I literally need to do nothing (except some light stretching 3X a day). This is REALLY hard for me. I can’t stand to watch Adam do the dishes or the laundry while I do nothing. I have never been able to do that. Adam spent yesterday and will spend some time today getting everything in order so the daily cleanup will be very minimal.

I also feel bad about how this will affect little Megan. Yesterday she was such a gem and just played alone while I laid around doing nothing. As helpful as this was for me, I still felt as though I was neglecting her. I also am jealous about the time she gets to spend with her daddy. Right now they are at the library: without me. On Sunday they will go to church: without me. I don’t even want to think about the dozens of times they will be without me over the next couple weeks. BUT luckily it will only be for a couple of weeks. Then I will be in a much better state to play with my TWO YEAR OLD!!! Which reminds me. We have cancelled plans for Megan’s birthday party. We will try so hard to make the day special for her but right now I am not sure how it’s going to work out.

Luckily this bed-rest has nothing to do with the safety of my baby. It is just to get me out of the severe and horrible pain that I am in. I haven’t lived a day without pain for probably 12 weeks now. I definitely have the motivation to do what it takes to try to get rid of some the pain. It just wont be easy! The real truth is; I would endure this pain throughout the entire pregnancy as long as it meant it would go away after my little baby is born. I have a friend in the ward who has the exact same problem, only her’s hasn’t gone away and her baby is 5 months old. That is why it is so important that I do the things now that will make it possible for me to enjoy every second with my children.

Megan Turns Two This Week


Here are some of Megan’s two year facts:

– She knows all of her letters: uppercase and lower
– Recently she started saying the alphabet backwards. So far she’s gotten to the letter “Q”.
– She can recognize and read about 150 words, and she learns new words everyday. Some are simple, like: cat, bird, or fish. Others are a little more advanced like: mountain, rainbow, sunset and wetlands (thanks to her Nature Discovery flash cards).
– She can spell a few words including: cow, dog, apple, ball, Elmo, and Megan!
– She knows all the letters in sign language and can recognize the signs for probably 50 words

– She knows her numbers 1-20. If she is counting objects, and there are more then 20, then she will say “19,19,19…” over and over again until she gets to the last one and then she’ll say: “20!”

– She knows what the: dog, cat, frog, cow, bear, lion, pig, horse, elephant, sheep/lamb, dolphin, mouse (in this house, mice say “YUCK!”), bird, train, and baby say.

– She can recognize the shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, heart, circle, star, and oval

– She knows the colors: YELLOW, red, blue, green, orange, pink, white, black, purple and brown

– She weighs almost 20 pounds!! My goal was 20lbs by 2 years. We almost made it! It only took her a year to gain 5lbs!
– She is 31 inches tall. She wears size 18-24 months. 2T DROWNS her!

– She loves to SING! She sings all day long. Right now she sings “Old MacDonald” the most (probably because we just bought her a whole bunch of little animals that she LOVES to play with). She also likes to sing: “Popcorn Popping”, “Roll You Hands”, “A- You’re Adorable” (this one is hilarious to hear), “Ring Around the Rosies”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Itsy, Bitsy, Spider”, “A- is for Arm…”, “Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam”, “Once There Was a Snowman”, “Elmo’s Alphabet Rap”, and OF COURSE, “The Alphabet Song”. She also likes to make up her own songs.

– She really likes foods with tomato sauce in them: spaghetti, lasagna, pizza…anything with some sort of tomato sauce. She also likes cheerios, fruit snacks, grapes, and APPLE JUICE. Overall though, she really has ZERO interest in food. Most meals are a challenge, but we are finding more and more things that she will actually eat willingly (this week we actually got her to eat chicken and avocado for dinner. AND THEN, she even had 4 bites of ice cream!!! It was a miracle. This girl does NOT like sweets).

Of course we are excited about the fun things that Megan can do. We recognize that she is pretty smart. She is still a little girl though, and she enjoys little girl things. She loves to play and dance and JUMP and run and laugh. She loves Elmo and VeggieTales. She likes to be chased around the house and to give kisses. She is a little monkey, and she climbs on everything. She knows the things that she shouldn’t be getting into, and when she gets into them she says, “Meeegaaan….noooooo!” She is just so much fun and we just love our little girl so much.

Another Anniversary


I have now been blogging it up for a whole year. What started as a way to keep those who are interested updated on our life, has become so much more as I love looking back and seeing what we were up to: “back when”.

I really can’t believe that I kept this up for a year. There have been A LOT of times when I have considered giving it up – for a couple of reasons. One, it is awfully presumptuous of me to assume that people are ACTUALLY interested in what I have to go on and on about. Two, it is really easy to misinterpret what one reads on a blog, or what the writers mean to say, so I have often worried that I come off the wrong way to family or friends reading this. The truth is, we are happy and having fun at this point in our lives. I LOVE sharing what is new with Megan and posting pictures of the most beautiful girl in the world!!

Another surprising reason that I have kept this up, is that I am actually a really private person. I remember getting hassled by some family members when they found out I was engaged because they didn’t even know I had a boyfriend. That’s kind of just the way I am. I guess I just kind of thought of blogging as an insight to what was going on with me. Only, I don’t have to do any personal one on one, and that’s just more comfortable for me. Only, now I share almost everything with the entire world. Again, awfully presumptuous!

I want to set a new goal for my next year of blogging, (if I can hang on that long). In a talk given to the graduating students at BYU Hawaii, Elder Ballard discusses the usage of the great “New Media to Support the Work of the Church”. He talks about how blogs can be wonderful tools in sharing what we know to be true. That should be relatively easy for me since I have a rock solid testimony of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I love what Elder Uchtdorf said when he gave a talk about testimony in 2006:

“Satan wouldn’t mind if we declared the message of our faith and gospel doctrine as negotiable according to circumstances. Our firm conviction of gospel truth is an anchor in our lives; it is steady and reliable as the North Star. A testimony is very personal and may be a little different for each of us, because everyone is a unique person. However, a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will always include these clear and simple truths:

• God lives. He is our loving Father in Heaven, and we are His children.
• Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and the Savior of the world.
• Joseph Smith is the prophet of God through whom the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in the latter days.
• The Book of Mormon is the word of God.
• [The president of the church], his counselors, and the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are the prophets, seers, and revelators in our day.”

If you read this blog, and take nothing away from it, other than the fact that I do indeed have a testimony of the clear and simple truths of which Elder Uchtdorf spoke, then I will consider this a blog well worth while.

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