Lazy Saturday Morning


Saturday morning was a little lazy around here. Our mornings usually follow the same routine: Megan gets up, immediately has breakfast, gets a new diaper and gets changed out of pjs. I like to get our errands run in the mornings before Megan’s nap, then we usually head out and get things done as soon as we are both ready.

So Saturday morning, I decided I didn’t want to fight with Megan about eating breakfast (most meals are difficult ones, she could go all day without eating if I let her. Trust me, I’ve tried to let her have it her way), and instead of eating breakfast right away, I let her watch a video while I rested on the couch. At some point I decided to try to get her to eat something, so I gave her some cheerios and left it at that. I think that it was one of the greatest mornings of Megan’s life:

The magic ended for me a little when this happened:

But Megan didn’t seem the least bit fazed.


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  1. That same thing happens to cheerios or kix or goldfish on at least a daily basis around here … just goes with the territory of independent eating!

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