Night One…


Last night after Megan fell asleep, we moved her into her new bed. I couldn’t resist peeking in on her several times throughout the evening. One time, I watched as she woke up and got up on her knees. She had the most dazed expression on her face, as she groggily became aware of the situation. I then watched as she threw herself back down on the bed and went back to sleep. I was pretty excited.

Of course we had a few concerns about moving her into the toddler bed. First that she would wake up in the night (or very early in the morning) and have free access to the house and whatever she wanted. Second that she would fall out of the bed. And lastly, we wondered how this new bed would affect her sleeping habits. Ever since she has slept in a crib, Megan has had to have her limbs hanging out of the bed.

Megan found a way around concern number three.

I got up at about 4am to use the bathroom, and I decided I would take a glance in on her again. This time, I found her curled up on the floor. I am not sure if this is a result of concern number two.

We didn’t get a chance to experience the first concern because after I found her on the floor, I moved her back into the crib. I am not sure if my 4am judgement was the right choice, but at least I rested easily knowing that she wouldn’t end up on the floor again.

Today is another day to try again. This time I’ll get a chance to let her try out the bed during naptime.

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  1. The limbs hanging out is so funny! I’m sure she’ll get used to her new bed soon. Those rails on the side probably do a good job of making sure she doesn’t fall out.

  2. that comment from “sadie” was from me, shannon — this one is too! I cant’ seem to change it

  3. I love the legs hanging out of the big girl bed! So funny that she has done that her entire life. Love the bedding, too!

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