unaffected by the flooding, but unable to stay dry…


Today was a really beautiful day. With all the flooding that has been happening here in Iowa, it was due time for some sunshine. After running some errands and then dropping Adam off at school for a meeting, I decided that it was just too nice of a day to NOT go for a walk. So when we got home, we ran some groceries upstairs, and I threw the cell phone, camera, and keys in the basket of our stroller, and we headed out to the fountain and pond that are at the entrance of our neighborhood.

When we got there, Megan was so excited when I took her out of the stroller and let her run around. I parked our stroller under a tree on the grassy hill where we were playing. I took the camera out of the basket to shoot some pictures of my girl on this beautiful spring day. There was a little bit of a breeze, but other than that, it was perfect outside.

I had my back turned to our stroller, and all of a sudden I hear the jingle of car keys. I whip around to see our stroller had rolled down the hill and into the pond. It was halfway submerged in the yucky algae laden water. I ran over to the stroller, totally forgetting my little Megan (don’t worry, she DID NOT fall in the water at any point during this story!!!) I only had to step in the water with one foot, and I was able to fish the stroller out of the pond. But of course, the phone and keys were no longer in the basket. I remembered Megan, and brought her over to where I was and told her to sit on the grass. She was such a good listener! I make my way into the water again and start fishing around for the keys and phone. The water wasn’t too deep; my entire arm wasn’t even fully emerged and I could feel the bottom. All of a sudden there was a man at my side asking me if I needed help. He had seen the whole thing, and I explained that my keys and phone were still on the bottom and I mostly was worried about finding the keys. He told me to take care of Megan (of course he didn’t call her Megan, but “your little girl”). I was SO GRATEFUL that he came to help.

He took off his shoes and socks and stepped in and reached down and found both my keys and my phone right away! I was SO HAPPY!! As he handed me the phone, I noticed it was still working although it was in “ROAM” (apparently you don’t get service at the bottom of the pond – good to know for future reference). I thanked him profusely and asked him his name. He was Brian (or maybe Bryan). Anyway, I was so THANKFUL for Brian.

At first, the phone had issues. There was a while there where we were looking into getting a new one. But miraculously, the phone has pulled through, and it is almost functioning at 100%. The only proof of its little swim now is the condensation that has formed inside the sub LCD window.

Oblivious to the drama, Megan continued to enjoy her time outdoors:

In preparation for her upcoming birthday, the next two pictures are Megan’s response to “how old are you?”.

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  1. Are you sure she’s just not saying “peace my brother” with her two/ peace sign.

    Eden turns three next month and that’s a harder one for kids, so she makes her three with her thumb and two fingers.

    They grow so fast.

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