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Only 4 more months…122 more days…17 more weeks…


I am starting this post with a picture of little Megan so readers aren’t welcomed by the image of my prego body.

This was Meg after church today; heading to her room to take a rest. She was in a very hyper mood, which is a bad sign. We laid her down about 20 minutes ago. Guaranteed she will NOT take a nap. In fact, she is in there singing at the top of her lungs as we speak. Ah well.

So I am now five months pregnant (actually a little over 5 months). I had hoped to gain less weight this time around, but alas I am at the same weight that I was at this point with Megan. Being a little out of commission due to my back hasn’t helped: AT ALL. Things are finally looking up though. The list of things that put me in a lot of pain is getting smaller. I am already doing many things that one month ago would have put me in a world of hurt. So that’s good.

This week we head out for a few days in Nauvoo. Adam’s entire family will be there; we haven’t seen most of them since Christmas. So we are very excited. Megan had a really hard time at Christmas because she was overwhelmed by all the people. I think (hope) she will do much better this time. Adam and I are really looking forward to the small vacation. It is much needed!

More Letter Fun


Right before Megan turned two years old, she began attempting to recite the alphabet – backwards. A couple of weeks ago, she was sitting on Adam’s lap at the computer, and she typed out the entire thing from Z to A.

Now she has it down pat, and it’s almost effortless. Occasionally she gets stuck and has to get back on track, but she has no problem starting with Z and working her way to A. Adam caught this on video this morning:

(note: I published the video in “double time” because it was about seven minutes long. So while she is quick, she is not as quick as she looks here!)

Spelling Bee


I am not sure if I have mentioned before that Megan loves letters…sound familiar to anyone?? 🙂

I know, I know, I post all the time about Megan’s love of letters. It is so fun the things she can do! I think it is so exciting! So here’s Megan’s newest trick.

Not only can Megan read (yes, she can actually READ), but now she is spelling things out. Last week we found this situation:

And then this was on the living room carpet this week:

I always catch her in the act too late, or am unable to get her to “perform” for the camera. Finally, I was able to catch some on video. The lighting in the kitchen was really bad, so I had to increase the brightness when I was publishing the video. It’s not the best quality, but you get the idea:

I realized later that I should have gotten some video of what the side of the refrigerator looks like. I snapped a picture later. This is what she has to work with:

What will this little one come up with next???

Saturday is a Special Day


Today we decided to try to take Megan to a movie. Megan has never been to a movie before (except when she was really little, and then she just slept through them) and we knew that we were being overly optimistic that she might actually sit through one. Megan isn’t too big on watching television or movies at home – but she will watch educational things, or things without a lot of dialogue. We had heard that “Wall-E” had very little dialogue, and we thought that with the novelty of the movie theatre (along with some M&Ms) we might have a chance.

Here’s Megan all ready to go to the movies.

Megan was intrigued by the big huge movie screen. She watched almost all the previews.

I knew we were in trouble when I had to pull out the M&Ms right as the movie was starting. We actually made it through a whole half hour before Megan really lost interest. She started singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” very loudly. Adam and I both volunteered to take her out, and then we starting “arguing” about who got to take her out, and then we both admitted that we wanted to take her out because we weren’t even interested in the movie. So we left. Honestly, neither of us had any desire to see the movie in the first place – we just thought it was the one movie that Megan might have some interest in. I think we were both relieved that neither of us wanted to stay. We weren’t disappointed that we gave it a shot though. We like letting Meg experience new things.

Afterwards we drove to a little town outside of Ames to do some shopping. Adam and Megan wandered around PetSmart while I looked for some clothing, and Megan had a blast. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant – the first real restaurant that we have been to for a while. Adam and I were a little surprised when Megan jumped right into the chips and salsa. She had never had salsa before – although she has had chips. She was in such a good mood.

Adam and I ordered traditional Mexican food, but I ordered french fries and chicken fingers off the kid’s menu for Megan; crossing my fingers that she would at least eat the fries. If Adam and I were surprised when Megan had chips and salsa, we were BEYOND shocked when she grabbed a chicken finger and started munching away at it HAPPILY. I don’t think I can stress enough the low level of importance that Megan puts on food. I have yet to hear of a child who willingly eats less then her. Almost every meal is a battle. She must have known she was shocking her parents, because she laughed the entire time and kept saying “chicken” over and over again. I would have paid 100 dollars for her 3 dollar chicken fingers. She ate almost two whole pieces. I left the restaurant one happy camper. When people hear about Megan’s lack of interest in food, they always give advice and sometimes say hurtful things (not on purpose, I hope) but it is sometimes suggested that her poor eating is my fault. Megan’s eating habits have been something that I have worried about – since the day she was born. Light at the end of the tunnel is always welcome.

On our way home, I glanced back and noticed Megan was pulling out her hairdo.

She was still the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Then she decided that she wanted to hold her hands in this position for several minutes:

We had a really good day today. Megan was such a delight. She is at such a fun age. I am glad I decided to let her grow up.