Happy Fourth of July!


Megan and me: Independence Day 2007

Megan and me: Independence Day 2008

Adam and Megan went to our ward breakfast this morning. Adam said the food was delicious, and Megan had a great time, so I was glad they went. She was in a really good mood when they got home, so she really must have had a blast.

Adam and I will probably watch the fireworks from our balcony, as opposed to going to the field with our ward like last year. I think we will have a pretty good view. We’re going to BBQ for dinner, and I made my jello flag for dessert. I just did all red this time instead of the three layered one I did for memorial day:

Megan has been skipping her naps a lot lately, so she is already in bed. She will miss the fireworks, but she probably wont mind.

We didn’t really celebrate today as much as we usually do, but we all had a good day, and it was nice to reflect on the birth of our nation. We hope you all had a great 4th of July!


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  1. I’m sure Megan was in a good mood when she got home at least partially because she got to be back with you!

  2. Cute pictures! And how creative are you with your jello flag?? I’ve decided I will never be able to pull off those kind of things.

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