Only 4 more months…122 more days…17 more weeks…


I am starting this post with a picture of little Megan so readers aren’t welcomed by the image of my prego body.

This was Meg after church today; heading to her room to take a rest. She was in a very hyper mood, which is a bad sign. We laid her down about 20 minutes ago. Guaranteed she will NOT take a nap. In fact, she is in there singing at the top of her lungs as we speak. Ah well.

So I am now five months pregnant (actually a little over 5 months). I had hoped to gain less weight this time around, but alas I am at the same weight that I was at this point with Megan. Being a little out of commission due to my back hasn’t helped: AT ALL. Things are finally looking up though. The list of things that put me in a lot of pain is getting smaller. I am already doing many things that one month ago would have put me in a world of hurt. So that’s good.

This week we head out for a few days in Nauvoo. Adam’s entire family will be there; we haven’t seen most of them since Christmas. So we are very excited. Megan had a really hard time at Christmas because she was overwhelmed by all the people. I think (hope) she will do much better this time. Adam and I are really looking forward to the small vacation. It is much needed!


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  1. Your little belly is so cute!! I wish my little girl was that happy when nap time comes around. Have fun in Nauvoo and be careful 🙂

  2. megan’s hair is so cute and you are looking so good! i’m glad to hear that you are able to do more things! have fun with all of family and enjoy the break from the regular.

  3. I agree with Marilene. Megan’s hair is adorable. You caught a great picture of her running off.
    My while family (minus Melissa and Tyler) were all in Nauvoo
    a few weeks back. We had a good time.

  4. You look gorgeous! And I’m really not kidding. Your dress is super cute and I absolutely LOVE the cute baby bump!!! I just want to hug you! I hope your back does okay in Navoo, we’ll be praying for you!

  5. Love that belly!

    Didn’t you tell me once that you really wanted to put up some bare belly shots?? Well…where are they? 🙂

  6. You look great for 5 months, Liz. I’m glad to hear your back is a little better. It’s so hard to function when you are in pain, pregnant and have a toddler to run around after. Have a great trip to Nauvoo!

  7. Wow Megan is pretty cute. Cute long hair too. don’t worry about your belly Sonya is HUGE. Haha

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