A Surprising Success


I guess I had heard so many negative stories about transitioning a child from a crib to a toddler bed that I fully expected it to be a trial when the time came for Megan to move.

Well…the transition has been a very smooth one in this house. Megan still lies awake and talks or sings for about an hour each night, but she stays in her bed, and falls asleep after the same amount of time it took her to fall asleep in her crib. She doesn’t even get up to play or anything. The very first night, she enjoyed her freedom thoroughly by destroying her bedroom, but since then…she just goes to bed.

She is such a funny girl though. Each night, we lay her down and tell her goodnight. Then we leave her door open just a crack. We give her three chances to stay in her room with the door open before we shut it. Well, I think she couldn’t care less if the door is open or closed, but she LOVES to utilize those three chances (all in about 45 seconds time). The first time we lie her down and leave, she immediately runs to the door, knocks, and runs out laughing her head off.

Then she says (in a perfect imitation of Mommy and Daddy): “Megan, that’s one. Go lay down”. She runs back into her room and throws herself onto her bed. We close the door, and she immediately gets up, runs to the door, knocks, and again runs out laughing her head off. She then says: “Megan, that’s two. Go to sleep.” The third time, she runs out, manically laughing and says: “Megan, that’s three. Door closed.” We close the door all the way and she settles in for the night. I think it took her two nights to completely memorize our script. I think it’s hilarious, and usually watch as daddy ushers her back to her room each time. Otherwise, she might see me laughing my head off.


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  1. i am cracking up!! i had to read it to trevor! she is so funny! it’s amazing how well kids pick up things we say. craig’s still not talking much, but he mimics the sounds we make.

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