Helping Hands


Adam spent all day Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa . Cedar Rapids was hit hard by flooding in June of this year, and The Church has sent 26,000 cleaning kits and 15,000 hygiene kits as well as has set up a relief warehouse filled with wheelbarrows, shovels and work clothes in order to help the people in Cedar Rapids. The flooding left thousands of people homeless, so members of the church in our area have been asked to travel to Cedar Rapids (which is about two hours away) to help with a huge clean-up and renovation effort.

Adam has honestly just been waiting and waiting for the assignment to finally hit our ward, because he has really wanted to help. When the assignment finally came, Adam was a little disappointed to learn that he would be missing the first BYU game, but that didn’t effect his decision to go in the slightest. He actually arrived home in time for the second half. He is watching the rebroadcast of the first half as I write this.

I can only imagine how disgusting the clean-up project was. Adam was so glad he went though. He said that people who drove by the home they were working on would honk and give a thumbs up. They surely recognized the yellow “helping hands” shirts, and probably had received their own aid as well. Adam was so happy to be representing The Church in this service project. Any of you who know Adam, know that his love of BYU football comes second only to his love of Megan and me (okay, a little exaggeration). He is such a great example to me of selfless sacrifice.


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